Friday, September 13, 2019

Watsons FootEase Cracked Heel Cream

It gets harder and harder, and tougher and tougher as well. It does mind you. I don't know about you, it does for me personally. Well, like I have already told you before. I'm not a sweet lolly anymore and as we age, our skin. Yes. Our skin taking its course to drying up. Literally everywhere. Even including dry down there. Where? Go figure and of course too, what about skin on, around and under our feet? Our feet which we need for walking us from one spot to the other and the more we expose our feet to water, the drier they will tend to be. Plus, the wear and tear of wearing glamorous heels? Furthermore, when we conveniently forget to pay attention to this part of our body? We basically taking our feet for granted. Until and unless, most probably the cracks on our feet becoming more prominent until sometimes to the extent they flake so badly until bleeding and we can't bear the pain.

Yes ladies and gentlemen. Have we not spoken about our feet before (DU'IT Dry Foot & Heel Roll-A-Balm & Dr CHECK Cracked Heel Cream)? We have mind you. Thus, what else must I remind you about caring for your feet? Nothing much actually expect right now, introducing to you another option to feet cream, or can be said as, cracked heel cream (Rosken Skin Repair Feet Cream). Yep. Watsons FootEase Cracked Heel Cream. Obviously the house brand of Watsons. Honestly, I could have, if I wanted to, stick to a feet cream I have used before. Then again? Knowing me? No harm in trying a new one all together right? Of course not? Especially this, Watsons FootEase Cracked Heel Cream which caught me attention due to price. RM10.00. Like the best buy for me personally.
Has Watsons FootEase Cracked Heel Cream been a promising support for my feet? Oh yes! Why not? In fact, as good or even better than those feet creams I have tried before. Packaged in a basic simple tube with a twistable cap, this white, creamy and to a certain extent, somewhat oily cream I must say has, yes, improvised the dry skin on my feet. And your dry skin has improvised, your cracked heels will recover too. Provided of course, you apply diligently daily for the two weeks and then, perhaps alternative days once you feel your feet has progressed. In other words, you are satisfied your feet need lesser attention. Not as massively dry as they used to be.
However, like all feet and heel creams I have tested and tried, without a doubt, no doubt Watsons FootEase Cracked Heel Cream does absorb into your feet effortlessly once you start massaging in it after showering. Still, you need to stay put for at least 15 minutes. Otherwise, wear slippers if you have to move about and be extremely careful on wet floor, like in the bathroom. Furthermore, there is no such a thing as putting a stop to using this or any other feet creams. Meaning, there is no such a thing as no need to use anymore. Because feet creams on the whole, are just a remedy and not a cure for permanently keeping your dry skin at bay.

Aright. How long can Watsons FootEase Cracked Heel Cream last? Subjective to how often you use and if you use daily, can last, lets say, 4 months or most to most, 5 months. The question now is, is Watsons FootEase Cracked Heel Cream worth your feet investment? Well, why not? You don't have anything to loose if you try.

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