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33 Blue Room - Section 51a, Zone Perindustrian PJCT (Petaling Jaya)

33 Blue Room. In an area I pass by every now and then. In fact, quite often actually and trust me, not in my slightest moment I knew, neither have I noticed 33 Blue Room. Not until on this particular Wednesday for friendship bonding with my two friends who have prior reserved a table. Oh yes please. Reserve your table. Unless otherwise. You don't mind waiting in line and parking, may be somewhat troubling if you want to park right in front, but if your legs are willing, sure, park along the road side. 33 Blue Room. Wah! Honest to goodness, the moment I walked in. An ultimate admirable ambiance. As though I am in a magic haven. My-my! After all, its been sometime since I have dined in such a restaurant. Me and my quiet life? Of course, when the need warrants for, especially, for meaningful, sincere, down to earth, and not those, crappy, fake, social media showing needy friendship, you can count on me.

Alright. How did it all start for us? Well, greeting each other, simultaneously the laughter ball bounced up, down, and rolled out tremendously, prior to screening the menu which showcased ample choices for our food calling. What about alcohol? Neh! Seemingly none of us were in the mood for any kinda alcohol. Let alone not even a mug of beer or a glass of wine. 

What did we order? I may not be a piggy pig eater, but when I am out dining, especially without my other half-half, pork is life for me. Logically therefore, of course my friends didn't mind, we were gamed for 33 Signature Pork Ribs. Gosh! Mamma-Mia! Soft and meat falling apart from the bones, slightly sweet, and caramelised in home made bbq sauce pork ribs. Paired alongside green salad, green peas and potato. Fab! Really, truly, honestly, fabulous.
At the same time, we also forking into Bacon and Egg Salad. Bitsy pieces of crispy bacon, crunchy croutons, fresh salad leaves, pear, baby tomatoes, Parmesan cheese shaving, bacon aioli and wobbly egg atop. Ohlalala! What furthermore can I or must I say? The wonder super delicious, absolute salad and these two dishes, pork ribs and salad, happily jiving and dancing on our palates. As if they were match made in heaven.

These two dishes, were followed by, especially since I insisted, we heading to the shelf where desserts were temptingly displayed and we opting for Home Made Rum and Raisin Ice Cream. Desserts in 33 Blue Room, by the way, for your information, are not listed on the menu and you have to do what we did for picking the one or ones you would like to tuck into. Needless to say, Home Made Rum and Raisin Ice Cream, stylishly and attractively presented, and consisting of  Rum Ice Cream, Rub Sauce, Custard, Crumble and Fruits? Yummilicious! Like I cared if this dessert is a sinful or guilty sweet pleasure. No. I cared less. In fact, I am the one who finished, if not all, most of it.

All in all, I must profess that, 33 Blue Room did not in any way let me down and I won't mind returning to 33 Blue Room again.


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