Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Barn Wine Bar Sunway Pyramid

Up and down, back and forth, to and fro, until our legs almost, literally like falling apart, plus hunger too biting killing us non-stop on this particular Saturday afternoon. Not to say there are no choices to eateries in Sunway Pyramid, but most of them, especially, those like fast food outlets, packed back to back, and we definitely weren't interested in waiting in line. What about the rest of the eateries? I have, believe me, to a certain extent, tested and tried out (Ten Years, NY Steak Shack & Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul). Maybe, not the whole lot of it, but pretty much even before I started this space of mine. Well, what can you expect. Sunway Pyramid is where you will see me picking up the stuffs I need if not regularly, at least every now and then.

Anyway, accompanied by my lunch companion, once we arrived at the other wing entrance of Sunway Pyramid, after like walking almost throughout Sunway Pyramid, we decided. Yep, we decided. Let's give a go to The Barn Wine Bar. What a spot-on decision. Except for one table being occupied at this hour, almost 2pm and we couldn't be happier because it was like we can have the whole place to ourselves. Especially, imagine. My loud speaker voice and laughter. Into this exclusively set-up dining area and we taking the table just after the entrance, menu featuring mostly Westerns dishes popped up soonest. Next of course. What shall we order. Wasn't an easy matter trust me. In fact, quite a confusing food matter due to the great number of items listed on the menu. Flipping the menu back and forth, finally, we nailed it.

On our table within the next few minutes. Pineapple Sunshine. My drink which I took sips off and its fruity chilled burst doing justice for quenching my thirst. Whereas my friend was contented with her fix of sky juice. At this juncture, we were told to help ourselves to the salad bar. Not a wide spread though, but substantial enough. Consisting of fresh vegetables, fruits too I think, sauces and green pea soup. Something which, really, we didn't expect. Otherwise, we would have most probably cut down on the number of items we have ordered.

Alright. What did we tuck into? Tortilla Chips with Tomato Salsa and Guacamole Dip. Nice. I personally love such a finger food. The crunch from tortilla chips, the slight burst of sweetness and acidity of tomato salsa, and creamy, smooth, made from avocado and pretty much, assumingly, onion, cilantro, garlic, lime juice, salt and what not guacamole dip. Guacamole dip particularly had to be the winning formula for me personally.
Up next, we tackled the Scandinavian Pork Meatballs. How? Okay. Soft and melting in your mouth meatballs, coated in a light, kinda brown sauce.
What about the Classic Chicken Chop which arrived almost simultaneously? Indeed, a hearty portion. Chicken coated over breadcrumbs and fried, and a light mixed vegetable light sauce around it, paired alongside fries and green peas. The verdict? Not bad.   
The Barn Wine Bar Sunway Pyramid. Nice place. Great selection of food and the ones we tried didn't pretty much let us down though not out of this world or I have not had before elsewhere. Of course, when its a wine bar, The Barn Wine Bar I reckon will be the watering hole for those who want to wind down for reasons only they know best. Can you afford a meal in The Barn Wine Bar? Subjective to what your order and why not to treating yourself when you feel you should. 

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