Friday, August 23, 2019

Garden of Eden Gentle Milk Cleanser

Expensive does not mean better, affordable does not mean interior (Nivea Body Lotions & Mentholatum Lip Ice Sheer). I think, if I am not mistaken, I have told you before? About this beauty skin care products theory before? Indeed. Most probably I have. Look, skin care products not necessary must be exclusively expensive. What is important actually should be what suits your skin. Also, remember, the other beauty theory of mind? Budget. Basically, what we can afford instead of blindly being convinced that we can only maintain or improvise our skin by expensive products (Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Milk). Let alone, let's not forget that we pay a lot more for imported products due to exchange rate. Of course, subjective to which country the products are from and compared to our Made In Malaysia products (Safi Rania Gold Youthful Sheet Mask). Take this Made In Malaysia Garden of Eden Gentle as a profound example (Garden of Eden Rosa E Pigmentation Serum). RM21.70 and picked up from Caring Pharmacy, Gamude Walk, Kota Kemuning. Honestly everyone, I swear. I swear that this white, creamy and rather thick in texture milk cleanser, packaged in a basic plastic chubby tube, with a pull up, push down cap/cover, has been a cleansing wonder for my dehydrated sensitive skin. Furthermore, when its a cleanser made from natural ingredients.

Garden of Eden Gentle Milk Cleanser
Free from preservatives (ie. parabens).
Free from animal ingredients.
Free from artificial fragrance.
Free from colouring.
Free from alcohol.
Free from mineral oil / paraffin oil/petrochemicals.
Free from animal testing and cruelty.
Using highest standards of raw material ingredients, subjected to strict GMP manufacturing and quality standards before products are allowed to be put on the shelves.
Using natural plant extracts well known to work gently and effectively on your skin.
How do we use Garden of Eden Gentle Milk Cleanser? Like most gentle milk cleansers (Sephora Cleansing Milk) or face washes (Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Flawless Face Wash). Stream some out on your palm, rub with both your wet hands and gently apply, simultaneously massage on your  skin. How much do you need? Just that bit. Yep. That bit for thoroughly cleansing off the lock, stock and barrel of whatever you have applied. Yes too for your eye makeup. Once you have cleansed your skin, next will be washing off with splashes of water. You can if you want to, tissue off, but for me personally, I love water splashing and then, patting your skin dry. Having said that, I can't assure you if Garden of Eden Gentle Milk Cleanser is applicable for heavy duty make-up or even heavy duty eye make-up like layers of mascara. Unless, maybe, if you double cleanse and for heavy duty eye make-up, maybe, perhaps you can consider eye make-up remover, or the other option will be olive oil.
Apart from not biting into my skin, Garden of Eden Gentle Milk Cleanser didn't strip off my natural oils and left me effortlessly. In fact, believe me, Garden of Eden Gentle Milk Cleanser is one of the best milk cleansers I have tried out so far and mind you, I am already into the second tube after this one which lasted for more or less, for almost 5 months, once a day evening or night use. The only set back I must mention is the cover or cap. After some time, I had an issue with capping it back. In other words, cap becoming a dingle-dangle kinda. Otherwise, all has been utterly favourable and for a matter of real fact, I have recommended Garden of Eden Gentle Milk Cleanser to some of friends who can't be skin care cleansing happier.   

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