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Bottle and Boar (by Jarrod & Rawlins) - SS15, Subang Jaya

Age. Yes. Age precisely. Age will, in some way or rather, believe me, define our life style. Maybe, I shouldn't speak on behalf of any of you, neither would I like to assume, for me personally, age indeed has made major massive drastic changes to my life style. Me in my fifties of course. Gone are the days to partying and clubbing especially and when friendship is a concern, maturity has set in as well. You name it. The type of friends I have met. Friends who look for you when  they are in need of favour or help, friends who reach out to you because they are in trouble and we sure have those who want your friendship in instances to money matters. The worst amongst the whole lot? The free loaders. The loaders who are not shy or who are sly. Conveniently calling you out and conveniently making you pay. Not to say they can't afford, but pretty much, god, as if money is glued to their wallet.

So? The clear rule. Lets go Dutch. Otherwise. Thank you. I don't need your company. This dining experience of mine. Of course prior giving indication to going Dutch and at the recommendation of my companion, we met outside Bottle and Boar, located across Subang Jaya Medical Centre and where even at night, parking is somewhat complicated. Unless you dine in any of the eateries within this row of shoplot which provide jockey service. Otherwise. Park afar and walk, and please be alert because it can be rather quiet at certain spots. The last or first thing we want? Being mugged or speak about our famous motorbike handbag snatches?
Bottle and Boar. At about 8.00pm on this particular Friday. Alive, kicking rocking hard and enlivened and in a romantic, classy and eye catchy attractive ambiance. Of course, smoking is prohibited. Therefore, every now and then, you find notice more people outside. Puffing or the trend to vaping these days. Taking our seat at the table to the left corner, menu popped up soonest, but when it came to ordering what we wanted. Sadly, duh, the two types of burgers listed on the menu? Not available. Like what?

Anyway, since I was badly longing for pork, we settled for Rawlins English Pork Bangers and for drinks, after a lapse of many months without a sip of alcohol, Arrow Beer keeping me company. Whilst praying hard it will beat wake up my anxiety attack or panic attack. My diner companion on the other hand, sipped in the black power of Guinness. Arrow Beer. Yep. There is definitely a difference between local beer and imported ones. Of course, you pay the price.

What about Rawlins English Pork Bangers & Mash which arrived within the next 10 minutes or so? Yum! 4 juicy, medium size thick succulent pork sausages, generous heapful of buttery gravy mashed potatoes and mashed green peas. Pork Bangers. The simplicity non-profound tastiness. Loved it to every bit.
Thereafter, we spooned into Salted Caramel Brownie and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream atop. Such a dessert. Whether its the best out of the rest, wouldn't you agree is always a mouth pleasure when you are dining out and after a savory meal? Was it like, made in heaven? Not really, but no fault should be awarded.
Meanwhile, my dinner companion, called for his next drink. Gin Tonic.
What about me? No. No. I was done with one glass of arrow beer. I wouldn't dare another for a matter of fact. As it is, I was already imagining as though my heart is rushing faster and faster. By the next an hour, we settled the bill (RM122.60) and out of Bottle and Boar for heading back to home sweet home.


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