Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Deck Bar & Restaurant - Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam

I think by now, you must have figured out that I am a Kota Kemuning woman? Yes. Kota Kemuning and Nava K (Hibikii Japanese Cafe & Spicy Crab). Kota Kemuning precisely, and where my "living" and "life"roots have already been strongly planted and grounded.  To be specific, for the last 17 years. The question now is, will I uproot my roots to move elsewhere? I don't think so. I doubt. Will I even consider moving to any of those new residential areas within Kota Kemuning? No. Not at all. Why not? Because I don't have any valid reason or reasons why I should make it a point in moving to anywhere else for the matter. Look, we are already comfortably settled down where we are and we have also, mind you, put a lot of effort in maintaining and up-keeping our house. The last thing I or mutually both of want is moving to a new bigger house for impressing anyone or as a mean of showing off that, success is measured at the size and glam of our house.

Furthermore, I guess? Once you are used to staying in a specific area, more so when age has caught up, you basically don't want to move and the other, personally for us is, the convenience of our location. Econsave is right in front and within a driving distance, there are now aplenty eateries (Restoran Seafood Li Ming). The latest eatery to add to my list of food hunting in Kota Kemuning? The Deck Bar & Restaurant.  

Into The Deck Bar & Restaurant (corner lot, (back row of CIMB, along the same row as La Belle Saison and not too far from Riz Norms), we sat at the nearest empty table right in front and menu popped up soonest. Next of course, as if we were getting down to analysing between the choices to their local and Western cuisines. Quite a great bit of choices mind, plus, you can obviously get boozy in The Deck Bar & Restaurant. Booze of course must be in tandem in a bar right?

We ordered and within 10 minutes or so, we got down to tucking in. Garlic Butter Cream Salmon. Quite a sizeable piece of salmon in centrality of the plate, mashed potato beneath and generous serving of garlicky, buttery creamy sauce within both. Paired alongside a tiny serving of watermelon salad separately. The verdict to Garlic Butter Cream Salmon? According to my other half-half, sure, a delight. Sauce especially was a stand out. Salmon on the other hand was on a dry side. Not overly dry nevertheless, still, you can feel its been over-cooked.
Grilled Lamb With Creamy Dijon Sauce. If am not wrong, the same kinda sauce and the same mashed potato beneath the three pieces of rather tender lamb chops and paired with the same watermelon salad. Watermelon salad? Just ordinary. In fact wouldn't have made a difference whether we had it or not. A better choice we felt could have been fresh salad.
Mango Berry Sparkler. Didn't like win me over, but I appreciated its not too sweet and refreshing burst.
On the whole, The Deck Bar & Restaurant didn't let us down. No regrets we actually give it a go. The question now is, will we return again to Deck Bar & Restaurant? Question mark. Maybe best said as, it will be pending or on our KIV list. 

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