Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Seberang Perai (Penang Mainland) Eats

Seberang Perai. Penang Mainland. Honestly everyone, as far as I have explored, not once, in fact a couple of times, not as bright and sparkly as Penang Island. Don't get me wrong please. I am in no way downgrading Seberang Perai, but comparatively or competitively to Penang Island (Attractions In Penang & Penang Food Guide), there is only so much if we are talking about sightseeing. Penang Birds Park (next door to Arulmigu Karumariamman Temple), Iskcon Sri Sri Radha Temple, Nine Emperor Gods Temple Butterworth and for me personally, nothing like the ferry ride from Perai Jetty to Penang Island (Penang Thaipusam). Always and forever. Perai ferry ride, truly our Malaysian mini water wonder world (Penang Part 1 & Penang Part 3).

Aside to sightseeing, choices to hotels in Seberang Perai? A fair good bit and if I am not mistaken, Light Hotel is still the light as the best hotel. Still, it can't be the same hotel for someone like Nava K who is hotel adventurous right? Of course not. This time, I decided to give a go to Iconic Hotel (Bukit Mertajam). Which for your information, is within a drive from Seberang Perai. Our puffing room, aka smoking room? Cozy. Stylish. Modern. Needless to say, truly a comfort zone albeit rather small. What particularly stood out was room's black and white color theme, plus the big glass window for the views across the street. Customer service of Iconic Hotel? Utmost professionalism and we also being offered a chilled drink while in the midst of checking in. What about buffet breakfast? Can't say much because we had opted out. Location of Iconic Hotel in Iconic City, Butterworth? Indeed, strategic. Where there are no short of eateries and night life coming alive due to the number of watering holes. Noise pollution due to active night life and style? I didn't hear anything much.

What did I do for two days in Seberang Perai? Lazing in my room. Staring out of the window every now and then, also, watching tv. Basically me time, whereas my other half-half was out most of the time for work. Of course, eating must take place? Sure. For a fact wherever we are, in which ever part of Malaysia we are, Malaysians and eating? Like our favourite past time right? I know. Accompanied by my Penang cousin who automatically was crowned as my Seberang Perai, food venturing so we did.

Bayu Nasi Kandar (Bukit Mertajam)
Popped by for tea. Tea in Bayu Nasi Kandar? Mmm? Tea basically. Anything special? Nothing. Of course, there are the standard food offerings as in other such Nasi Kandar outlets like this one. Those Nasi Kandar dishes alongside rice, roti canai, tosai, mee goreng and what not more. Didn't tempt me. Not even a tiny bit after having a look at the pre-cooked dishes and even the temptation for ordering roti canai didn't take place.

Restoran Good Master Bak Kut Teh
A must try I was told by my Penang cousin. Sure enough, bak kut teh in Restoran Good Master sincerely winning me over. To order, stand in the queue and thank god since we were the first few customers, we didn't had to queue for too long, before ordering to the lady and prior to taking our seat. Next was making our own tea by picking amongst the types in the basket. Bak Kut Teh steaming hot in claypot? Tender soft pork parts and an assortment of vegetables, soaking in bak kut teh broth. Nothing overpowering about the broth, yet, such profound tastes, and bak kut teh eaten alongside chillies and garlic in soy sauce. Wow factor and customers streaming in non stop simply spoke about the popularity of Bak Kut Teh in Restoran Good Master.

Tokyo Kitchen
Ambiance of Tokyo Kitchen is definitely a stealer and menu-wise, goodness me. Splitting over with aplenty choices. Until we couldn't decide. You name it, you will most probably find it on their menu. Traditional Japanese dishes and those given a twist and turn in the name of Japanese dining. In fact, we had to study the menu upside down, inside out before ordering. For the three of us, we called for Chicken Teriyaki set, Salmon Sashimi Set, Assorted Salmon Set and Piri Kara Drumlette. God! Really hearty portions until we struggled in finishing up. What about taste? Pretty much can be considered tasty fresh food. Personally attended by the owner who all, in all good food gesture, personally bringing over to our table, no need to pay for,  Black Sesame Ice Cream, Red Bean Ice Cream and Green Tea Ice Cream. Soft, smooth deliciousness I must say. RM152.00 for this meal of ours? You tell me please.

Nasi Kandar Aliyar
Roti Canai breakfast in Nasi Kandar Aliyar. Fluffy, soft, airy, freshly made roti banjir/flooded style. Drenching and soaking in fish curry and dal curry, washed down with teh tarik. Unlike those hard and really chewy rubbery roti canai in some of the eateries I have tried, this one was yummy wondrous. How about the curries? Yes. Must be recognised as well.   

That's it to my Seberang Perai eats? That's it because in between the two days, I had to do the customary relatives home food bonding too. Bye-bye to Seberang Perai thereafter before our next destination to Alor Setar. 

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