Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Garnier Skin Naturals New Light Complete Serum Mask

Effort equals outcome. What effort am I talking about and what outcome am I referring to as well? I am definitely talking about effort in maintaining our skin and if we can't look 10 or 5 years younger, at least we should be looking good or presentable for our age, or shouldn't we allow our clean and clear skin speak for itself (Garden of Eden, Rosa E Serum)? Outcome of course, personally I feel, when our skin is our happiness, it will by far boost up our self confidence and when self confidence is boosted, we will automatically feel everything around us is satisfying. Moreover, can we deny that we don't float on cloud nine when people praise us? In other words, anyone for the matter praising our skin by saying that our well kept skin is the notable pride (Bio Essence Golden Ratio Double Serum)?

Of course, maintaining our skin must begin with our daily skin care routine (Clinique Liquid Facial Soap) and if we can throw in facials. Whether facials at the helms of beauticians and these days mind you, you can also consider advanced esthetic enhancements by skin doctors, which by the way is for skin beautifying as well. How about now, we talk about DIY affordable home facials? Yes ladies and gentlemen. Just half an hour, most to most of our time at comfort of our home, and weekends, sincerely will be best so that we can look rejuvenated  and stress free for the coming week. All in all,  home facial as the extra skin caring and products for home facials? Walk into drug stores or  pharmacies, and you will know what I mean.?

The DIY skin care product today? Sheet mask.This Garnier Skin Naturals New Light Complete Serum Mask (Garnier Light Complete Night Restore Cream) and like I have already told you in my previous videos and beauty pitching, there's no big magic formula in applying any sheet mask (Safi Rania Gold Youthful Radiance Face Mask). But please, just to remind you again, on your clean face.
Garnier Skin Naturals New Light Complete Serum Mask
Intensively rehydrate, reduces dullness and fades dark spot
Skin will have radiant glow
Skin tone more even
Dark spot lightened
To improve health and beauty
Made of non-irritating material
Approved formula
Safe to use
The beauty results after I unfolded and place Garnier Skin Naturals New Light Complete Serum Mask on my face for fifteen minutes? Any major beauty difference? Honestly, to tell you the truth, not a profound major difference. Yes, mask did lock in hydration and moisture, but if I must tell you, if it did work for my dark spots, aka, pigmentation or did it even out my skin tone? As stated on the packaging? Sadly, question mark. Unless maybe if I continue using once or twice a week? Actually, I'm not even sure, plus, I must refrain from assuring you as well. Regardless, Garnier Skin Naturals New Light Complete Serum Mask, priced within RM5.00, without a doubt, will wake up your skin by illuminating brightness and will keep your skin fresh and exciting for the next three to four days. Of course, as usual I must remind you that you should continue with your weekly home facial whether you opt for Garnier Skin Naturals New Light Complete Serum Mask or any other sheet mask. Take care everyone.

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