Thursday, June 20, 2019

Vegan Tofu Sambal

Veganism. What is veganism? Veganism (Vegan Thai Fried Rice & Vegan Pumpkin Soup), basically is, the higher leveling up to vegetarianism (Fresh Turkey Berry Curry & Malaysian Vegetarian Spaghetti). Am I a vegan? No. I am not. Will I be able to tell you why vegans don't consume not only meat, but also dairy products? To a certain extent and most probably, if I am not mistaken, due to health reasons and perhaps I should also include religionism as well. For me personally, anything goes except beef and exotic meat. What about vegan food? Actually, come to think of it, I don't mind every now and then. Nothing wrong right? Of course not. After all, food is food, and even if its vegan dish, like this Vegan Tofu (Mapo Tofu & Tofu Katsu) Sambal, trust me, we don't compromise on food deliciousness.

Furthermore,Vegan Tofu Sambal is cooking uncomplicated and you just need a tiny bit of ingredients. Yet, taste-wise, the profound, bold, quintessential Malaysian sambal tastes (Terong Belado Pedas). Of course, when we speak about tofu on the whole? Anyone for the matter won't mind I am assuming? Unless, you have your own specific reason why you shun away from tofu? Otherwise, tofu which is sincerely an excellent source of protein, trust me, can be converted to a whole lot of dishes (Mapo Tofu, Tofu Manchurian, Tofu Katsu, Chinese Tofu Soup, Spinach Tofu Stir-Fry & Indian Tofu Curry) and all of these dishes, in some way or rather, mind you, can be concluded in the family of vegetarianism and veganism.

Ingredients (more or less, or as needed)
I packet tofu - cut into pieces and sprinkle some salt atop.
3 tomato - sliced
Blended/grounded dried red chillies
Some Gula Melaka/palm sugar
Lime juice (if needed - taste the sambal before adding)
Oil as needed

Heat oil.
Fry tofu and remove.
Reduce the amount of oil in the wok and add tomatoes and grounded chillies.
Cook and stir till oil floats
Add salt and sugar.
Add fried tofu.
Stir and dish out.

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