Thursday, June 27, 2019

Hibikii Japanese Cafe - Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam

Marriage over the years. What can be the possibilities? In fact, I won't even dare say over the years because, marriages these days? As far as I have noted. If I am not mistaken. The cracks of marriage after a show time, show off wedding or even in instances, couples been dating for like, 9 years or 10 years before settling down. Complicated matter right? I know. Of course the perfect marriages on social media. Without a doubt, a different matter altogether, but reality wise. Either marriage improvising by the marriage virtue of giving in and taking, or becoming worst or worsening. How about my marriage? Still tricky and mind boggling, Honestly everyone. Not easy. Remember, I have previously spoken about marriage food compatibility (Riz Norms Restaurant Kota Kemuning)? The food lingo marriage compatibility (Yap Chuan Bak Kut Teh Puchong)? What's the food story to this latest food review of mine? Both of us heading to the same area and my other half-half into Chakraz for his Indian food fix, whereas me walking to the like, within 2 minutes Hibikii Japanese Cafe.

Hibikii Japanese Cafe. Previously, a different concept. Those seafood in tiers sort of and now, obviously, Japanese traditional, modern as well as tweeted cuisine.
How did it go for me? I walked in and I sat at the nearest empty table across the counter. Specifically, taking my seat right at the front section of this double lot eatery. Thereafter, menu popping up almost instantly and me, after screening the menu, I decided. Hot Green Tea arrived soonest, followed by, within the next 5 minutes, Hibikii Black Garlic Pork Ramen (RM23.00). Ramen. Not bad. Tadbit of saltiness, wobbly half an egg, soft and tender pork slices which I did honestly, struggle to chew somewhat, and ramen in a truly flavorful broth. I must vouch. Hibikii Black Garlic Pork Ramen, paired alongside rice was a delight. Bottom line, thumbs up. Eaten by dipping into the Japanese chilli flakes, washed down by green tea. A hearty portion indeed, though, I didn't touch the rice.

Up next? Matcha Ice Cream. My take? Not the best because I have tasted better qualified matcha ice cream for which I admit I paid more. This matcha ice cream? RM5.00 for a single scoop. In all fairness, did put a faint smile on my face.
Hibikii Japanese Cafe on the whole. Trust me, more than ample choices on the menu, attentive customer service and if you are within the vicinity of Kota Kemuning, particular if you are a Japanese food lover, you should consider Hibikii Japanese Cafe

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