Friday, June 14, 2019

Garden of Eden, Rosa E Pigmentation Serum

Pigmentation. Damn. Dammit profoundly! I told you before right (Bio Essence Golden Ratio Double Serum)? Not once, but over and over again. Well, I guess (SAFI RANIA GOLD SPF25 Moisturing Day Cream)? Definitely I am not someone who will put a stop to doing something about it. Not me. I still believe that caring for our skin and skin in return happily smiling at us when we look in the mirroris the reality to our beauty. Of course, the causes to pigmentation can vary for each of us, for me personally, sweating for no apparent reason, people with darker skin tone are prone to pigmentation, and perhaps age catching as well. Plus, lets not forget about the thinning of ozone layer. Pigmentation definitely being one of my concerns. The product in store today for pigmentation? Pretty much I have already tested and tried, for like, more than a month. Garden of Eden, Rosa E Pigmentation Serum. Picked up from Caring Pharmacy, Gamuda Walk, Kota Kemuning.

The question now is? I'm sure you are beauty anxious as well? Has Garden of Eden, Rosa E Pigmentation Serum been a miracle on my skin? Like a magic wand for erasing or lightening my pigmentation? Hard to say. Albeit, somewhat, pigmentation is lightening on  a very, very slow progress and process. I suppose then? Patience has to be my beauty virtue to Garden of Eden, Rosa E Pigmentation Serum? Hopefully. Keeping my fingers crossed. Having said that, honestly everyone, Garden of Eden, Rosa E Pigmentation Serum on the count of locking in hydration and moisture on my dehydrated skin? Not a let down. Though my fine lines?  Perhaps not really prominent, but if I look deeper and closer, fine lines on my forehead are still there. 

Marketed as a serum, but to a certain extent, Garden of Eden, Rosa E Pigmentation Serum is kinda an oil as well. Rather thick, sticky like and will take a while before being fully absorbed. To use, screw out the pump from the bottle and next, pump out maybe, 3 or 4 drops on your palm. Thereafter, gently spread and massage Garden of Eden, Rosa E Pigmentation Serum all over your face. Applicable for under your eyes as well and nothing should stop you from applying on your neck if you want to. By the way, this serum supposedly can lighten your dark circles. Did it? Sorry to say, I really can't tell, but rest assured, didn't break me up, didn't cause milia seeds and none noticeable adverse effect on my overall skin.
Will I recommend Garden of Eden, Rosa E Pigmentation Serum to all of you? Yes and no. Yes if you are only inclined to plant based, natural ingredients serum, and no, if you are expecting rapid results. But the fact is, the fact I have gathered, products made from natural ingredients can't be like a bullet train compared to chemical loaded products. Expect gradual results and you will be satisfied. Then again, just saying, who knows yea. Garden of Eden, Rosa E Pigmentation Serum may work faster and better on your skin than it did for me, and for those with oily skin texture, limit the amount you use. Otherwise, I'm afraid, your skin may break up.
Needless to say, Garden of Eden, Rosa E Pigmentation Serum as my night care. A great caring deal. By itself without me having to use a night cream atop. Price-wise, can be regarded as affordable and can last most probably, for 6 months. How about the packaging?  Should we harp? That's it ladies and gentlemen. Until my next beauty review, take care.

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