Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Ikan Goreng Bumbu Sambal

Indonesian sambal or Indonesian food on the whole (Ikan Cabe Ijo) and yours truly? Oh-yes-please. We are sincerely in tandem and can you imagine how it would have been for me during my Jogjakarta trip (Surakarta & Yogyakarta)? My-My! Food wonder. Food joy. Food love utmostly and ultimately. Loved every bit of what I tucked into. The Indonesian chilli power and of course, tempeh is my favourite as well (Buncis Tempe Goreng). Having said that, much of Indonesian food has already been explored even before I headed to Jogya. Remember, Malaysia is also like a mini Indonesia? Anywhere you turn to these days, Indonesian food stalls (Sambal Goreng Udang Pete) and I too,  in my kitchen, yep, every now and then, its Indonesian cooking. Pretty much sort of a close cousin or close relative of our Malay food (Malay Style Udang Sambal & Nyonya Okra Sambal) or even Thai cuisine (Thai Red Prawn Curry). Why? Basically, potentially, due to the inter-role play of spiciness. Chilies and also spices for us Malaysians and Asians (South Indian Fish Curry)? Yes please (Ikan Goreng Asam). Tell me about it. No chillies or spices into our dishes and we feel our food is bare naked. Now, what is Ikan Goreng Bumbu Sambal? Obviously, an Indonesian style fish dish (Ikan Balado). Mind you, the salivating spicy chilli based gravy or sambal (Sambal Tumis Telur) goddess and of course, fish simultaneously (Malaysian Fish Sambal).

For chilli paste/bumbu sambal (blend with some water)
5 fresh red chillies
2 medium size onion
5 garlic
1 tsp belacan/terasi powder (Sambal Terasi)

Other ingredients
2 pieces mackerel/tenggiri
1/2 inch pounded fresh turmeric/kunyit hidup
**Mix both together
Gula Melaka/palm sugar - as needed
Lime juice/air limau - as needed
Salt to taste
Enough oil

Heat oil.
Add fish and fry on both sides.
Leave about 3 tbsp of oil in the same wok.
Tip in chilli paste/bumbu sambal.
Cook till oil splits.
Pour water for more gravy.
Season with sugar, lime juice and salt.
Now, add fish, stir and dish out.

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