Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Stress - The Biggest Modern Killer

Stress! Yes ladies and gentlemen. Stress precisely. Stress. One of those things, surface to say, seriously, biting and chewing our well-being and if you are asking me, I sincerely believe we must and we should address this matter to stress. Unless otherwise, you prefer sweeping stress under your or someone else's carpet, or you are conveniently pushing stress towards the corners of your house. Hoping stress will take care of itself or will vanish in thin air. Honestly everyone, lemme advise you. It is us and we taking the necessary actions or precautions for keeping stress at arm level. Stress which by far, absolutely certain I am, not only the number one closest enemy of ours, in fact, it is the worst killing killer in this modern, advanced and spinning faster than we can control era we are living in. Of course, I must agree with any one of you who is saying that, all of us have and will continue to somehow or rather, encounter some sort of stress. If not daily, at least every now and then. Furthermore, not to say we had it all smooth sailing, easy-preasy-breezy, stress-free back then 10 years or 20 years ago. But stress these days? Oh god! You tell me please. Knowingly or unknowingly, leading in front of us or slowly or surely crawling behind us. Until it can potentially spiral to a height, even sky high and can, trust me, put our inner happiness in a fix or in a twisted, terrifying spinning mode.

Of course without a doubt, we can definitely control or put stress into perspective. In other words, we managing stress instead of allowing it to swallow us sooner or later. Basically, what I am trying to say is that, nothing will change if we refuse to do something or we prefer to suffer in silence. Please ladies and gentlemen. Help is obviously out there should you feel you are losing out to stress and Nava K can, pretty much be your pillar of strength too (Life Coaching In Malaysia). But instead of we straightaway zooming into the coping mechanisms of stress, which I have certainly parked as the continuity of this stress matter pitching of mine, for the time being, we must take a look at the facts to the causes of stress. Those most probably, if I am not mistaken, will continue to be a concern of ours for the years ahead of us.    

Tell me. You should. What is not competitive these days? Literally everything. Undeniably, all of it, from A to Z and basically, like, we challenging ourselves to "bring the competition on". For competing within ourselves or more so, directly or indirectly or slyly competing with others. For? Status, success, popularity, fame and materialism. Meaning, the point is, we wanting the best out of the rest or wanting all of it and when we speak about betterment on the whole, how can we not include? Big house, big car, big money, big position, and what else not big which, wouldn’t you agree is the yardstick to measuring success these days and by far, society being impressed or looking up at?  
Pushing ourselves harder and harder for staying ahead of our colleagues or even for keeping our job and organisations? Damn! Merciless organisations breathing behind our neck because they want to be known as the critical success factor. Seriously guys, I really don’t know what to say. Career, of course is the surviving kit to earning a living, but in the quest of organisations success or our success, back-biting, bitching and back-stabbing our colleagues and power lusting becoming a norm? And we in return, experiencing uncontrollable pressure and without realising, allowing stress for taking advantage of our better half or worst half of us.   

Traffic Jam
Traffic jam! Conclusively. I can vouch. One of the contributors to stress. In fact, maybe even, our worst nightmare we can't avoid whenever we are on the road. Where I think, most of us are spending our time. Pretty much, day in, day out stuck in jam or beating jam for, to and fro from work or from one destination to the other, especially in the city. Also, can you imagine the traffic scenario due to our temperamental weather? Nevermind to hot weather, but when it is raining cats and dogs? The hours on the road which indeed can trigger frustrating stress and which is also the reason for the higher statistics of road bullying. All for beating traffic jam and aha, lets not forget about battling for parking, let alone for returning home for "me time"or "me and my family" quality time. Traffic jam more or less, triggering stress?          

Social Media
Social media world. The world we can’t let go or we are hooked on to. Where mostly its about success and fame. Of course, there are, of course, good powerful positive stuffs as well on social media, then again? I somehow have branded social media as fake living or the disillusioned living. Maybe not 100%, still, to a higher than border rating due to, over-exaggerating the best as the game changer. In fact, social media, phew, adding more stress because we are joining in, in sharing and praising the best, talking about the best, having the best, excelling best, for all in all, summing everything as, best is the profoundness of this modern era. Even kids these days? The pressure of social media taking a toll on them. No wonder, even a 5 year old is stressed up these days. All in the name of excelling for the purpose of parents showing off on social media.    
Alright ladies and gentlemen. I can’t think of, pretty much other reasons why stress, as I have said, is the modern killer and I am all ears as well if you would like to share your opinion and thoughts. Go ahead. Speak your mind (krishnan.nava@gmail.com) please.

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