Thursday, April 25, 2019

Riz Noms Restaurant (Kota Kemuning), Shah Alam

Keeping the marriage flame glowing like a big ball of fire? Constantly and throughout the years? Quite a crazy challenging thing actually. Especially if you have been married for donkey years like me. Duh! Marriage graph either shooting high up to the stars positively or plunging deeper than the ocean? And when the plunge puts your thinking into a deep non-stop spinning pedestal, we must strengthen our marriage backbone by doing something together. Of course, together with your spouse. Basically, anything for the matter together by breaking free from the daily mundane routine and definitely, trust me, must be out of our house where the firing squad words can be the sharpest. For me personally, when I feel like smashing all the pots and pans in my kitchen out of anger due to Indian food literally day in, day out, I make it a point in doing myself a favour by literally dragging my other half-half for a meal outside.   

On this particular Sunday,  I killed two birds with one stone. Brunch and lunch in tandem in Riz Norms where we had our moment to rekindling our marriage by opting between the ample selection of Western or you can call it as European cuisine as well. Riz Noms by the way is now like a prominent food feature in Kota Kemuning. A spacious corner lot eatery with an eye inviting dining area, furthermore, sincerely appreciated service with a smile. More importantly, food didn't in any way, let us down. 

Wild Mushroom Soup, Big Breakfast and Pork Burger. Fresh-fresh, hearty and fulfilling. Without a doubt, much more than delightfulness. Attractively plated and and I must award high ranking shout-out for the pork burger. Especially, for the juicy, moist, thick, easy to chew and no smell pork patty, tucked in burger bun and a slice of cheese atop, teamed alongside, salad and potato wedges. 

What about Wild Mushroom Soup and Big Breakfast? According to my other half-half, both of these being a wondrous delight. Flavorful subtle tastes of home style mushroom soup and Big Breakfast, a hearty serving consisting of salmon slices on toast, salad, sauteed mushroom, omelette, potato wedges and since he is anti-pork, instead of short changing us by not the serving pork patty, I had it on my plate of pork burger.  

Lemongrass Pandan Tea and Orange Carrot? Nothing out of this world, yet, pleasantly refreshing until not a drop was left behind.  

Now, the moment of truth to how much we paid. RM93.50 sincerely can't be a regularity for every weekend even if we badly want to keep our marriage flame flying high. Oh, before I forget, parking wise if you are heading to Ritz Noms during weekends. Not at all an issue.  

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