Monday, April 29, 2019

Bio Essence Golden Ratio Double Serum

Yes. No two ways about it. Our face. Ours alright. A reflection of who we are without a doubt. Even if you have not figured it out or you choose not to agree with me. Our face. First thing first. The first thing people will notice about us. Look, I am not saying we must look drop dead gorgeous, but face skin well-kept is a mirror of our attitude, character and behaviour. Similar to, people judging us based on the tidiness and neatness of our office work area, our house and even our car. Of course, like I always say, to each our own and face beauty can be interpreted in your way or my way, or you can go till the extent of preaching that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. I, on the other hand, really, am in no way trying to impose my beauty ideology on any of you. Yet, trust me. Effort in maintaining or up-keeping our skin is our attitude of being a caring personality. In fact, it just says that as much as we care for many other things in life, we also care for our skin. 

Skin caring of course, if you are asking me, must begin with our daily skin care routine and well, why not to home facials or paying for facials at beauty saloons or skin doctors.

Having said that, when we speak about our daily beauty regime on the whole, it depends on the number of products inclusive. Pretty much, the must have, according to Nava K? Cleanser, moisturiser, sunblock and eye-cream. What about face serum? Well, really up to you. Of course, nothing should stop you from wanting to include additional dose of "skin I care about". Sums it all I suppose. What's with Bio Essence Golden Ratio Double Serum (Bio Essence Bio-Bounce Collage Essence Cream & Bio Essence 24K Bio-Gold Eye Essence) and this beauty pitching of mine (Bio Essence Miracle Jelly Make Up Remover)?  

Intensive Nourishment & Superior Hydration
The Power of Golden Ratio for Glowing & Smooth Skin
Free radical damage to the skin caused by environmental factors can lead to skin’s first signs of ageing, such as dullness & fine lines. Hence, it is imperative for the skin to be well-protected by the antioxidant power of 24K Bio-Gold that helps to combat free radicals for a natural radiant & smooth complexion.

Serum + Oil
Golden Serum
High anti-oxidant power
• Lightweight water-based serum
• Real 24K Bio-Gold flakes
• Protection from skin damage for a radiant skin glow
Golden Oil
Deep Nourishing Power
• Fast-absorbing, non-greasy
• High-quality concentrated green tea essence
• Deep skin nourishment for velvety-soft & smooth texture

Apply morning & evening before your regular moisturizer. Dispense one pump of formula, mix well & apply evenly on face & neck & pat gently until fully absorbed. Suitable for all skin types.

Bio Essence Golden Ratio Double Serum personally for me for the last two months?
Needless to say, an admirable and attractive packaging. But whether a hardly stalwart or not? So far so good. It is yet to slip off from my hands and not a failure on the count of spreading and absorbing easily and effortlessly. However, honestly, to tell  you the truth. Not a deliverance as I expected. How can it be? Nothing for a fact prominently noticeable for locking in hydration or even any tiny bit of camouflaging my forehead fine lines. Sincerely, I don't think I should even award a border pass for this highly raved by others serum. Like what, I have been asking myself? Duh! Ending up just as a hope and at the rate it is drinking into my skin, there’s only so much left behind. Meaning, what one pump for the face are we talking about? Three pumps at least for me and still? Bio Essence Golden Ratio Double Serum being questioned over and over again. Best maybe for grading it as a beauty calling for sweet young dolls and not though for women like me who is climbing the 55 age height.  

You tell me now please? Should I repurchase Bio Essence Golden Ratio Double Serum again by keeping my fingers crossed it will deliver what it promises?

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