Thursday, March 14, 2019

Shyet-Li's Kopitiam (Jaya 33) Petaling Jaya

Back to learning and knowledge thirsting at 55. Not easy. Absolutely not trust me. In fact, two weeks before classes started.? Oh-god! Nerves literally wrecking me and butterflies aimlessly swimming in my stomach. Let alone! Can you imagine how it would be like the night before the first class? I hardly slept hack. Then again, when we have already decided? I guess, by hook or by crook, we gotto brave it and face it? Pretty much. After all. Age in front or at the back of us shouldn't be a stumbling block for learning? Pretty much lifelong learning. Whether we learn by returning to class or we learn from failures and falls? Sure. My 9 to 5 class on this particular day? Despite the hiccup to being stuck in a 2 hours jam all the way from Shah Alam to PJ and walking into class 20 minutes late. Nothing no regrettable. Class started favorably and of course, one of the best things about adult learning? Food. Assured. You will be well fed. Morning tea break and evening tea break, and seriously, I didn't expect lunch will be included. What's there to complain about anyway? Why on earth should you? Neh! For the better of course. Complimentary or cost already taken up in your fee?  

Alright, to Shyet-Li Kopitiam on the ground floor prior to being seated at the table reserved for the the 10 of us in this pretty much resembling like any other standard kopitiam at about 1.15pm. Shyet-Li Kopitiam outwardly looking clean and speak about peak time lunch time crowd? Menu offering in Shyet-Li Kopitiam? I can't say much because menu didn't come my way. Must be,  most probably due to,  during class, we have already opted for the food and drinks from the few selection we were given. Nevertheless, as far as I've gathered,  if I am not mistaken, you can expect local and Western dishes. Our waiting time before being served? At least close to 10 minutes. Remember, its peak time lunch time? 

Black Pepper Chicken Chop I tucked into? Wah! A hearty portion consisting of a sizeable piece of tender soft chicken, and a non over-powering pepper sauce atop. Paired alongside thick potato wedges and boiled or maybe, steamed broccoli, cauliflower and carrot. Tasted great. I loved it. How about the Watermelon Juice? Basically, watermelon juiced up.

Tom Yam Fried Rice and Curry Kapitan alongside rice the others had? I can't tell you. But certainly looked appetizing and if I am not mistaken, I did hear them commenting that these are not a downer either on their tastebuds.   

Overall, I believe you meals in Shyet-Li's Kopitiam (Jaya 33) Petaling Jaya should be pleasantly pleasing. As far I know. Unless otherwise, its gonna be or have already been a different kinda food or customer service experience for you? 

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