Friday, March 1, 2019

SAFI RANIA GOLD Moisturising Day Cream SPF25++IR

I maybe be assuming or  it could be somewhat true that, you must be asking if life coach Nava K a big fan of Safi Rania Gold Brand (Safi Rania Gold Youthful Radiance Face Mask)? Am I? Honestly, I myself am not really sure. Not being sure, by the way, believe me, is perfectly okay because there are possibilities we may not be sure about everything all the time? After all, in this case of mine, it's just a matter of preference for a certain brand (Safi Rania Gold Beetox Scrub) and not mind over matter, mind breaking matter in life? Still, one thing is possibly certain if I am to speak about Safi Rania Gold brand. A brand sort of like a magnetic force for drawing my attention each time I am at the pharmacy (Safi Ranis Gold Eye Contour Cream & Safi Rania Gold Scrub). At the pharmacy for picking up a skin care product and not because I am one of those who indulge in retail therapy for no apparent reason.  

Has Safi Rania Gold Brand so far been all well and perfect for Nava K? Not really. But as a Malaysian? Don't you think all of us shouldn't be boxed up in our thoughts that Malaysian brands are inferior? Moreover, I'm certain you are agreeing, anything made in Malaysia is definitely affordable compared to spending on imported brands? What about this latest purchase of mine? SAFI RANIA GOLD Moisturising Day Cream SPF25++IR (more or less, RM26.00)? A class above the rest for flying our Malaysian flag up or can beat other moisturizers from other parts of the world or pretty much, just acceptable?  
Safi Rania Gold Day Cream SPF25++IR and its key ingredients. Nano Gold 24K and Propolis nutrients for - 
Moisturising and helping in strengthening skin structure. 
Protecting skin from UVA, UVB and InfraRed (IR). 
Promoting even skin tone.

As you may have already noted, Safi Rania Gold Day Cream SPF25++IR is a moisturizer in tandem to a sunblock. Moisturiser obviously for hydrating and nourishing, and sunblock for defending our skin against sun rays and IR. What is IR by the way? IR is Infrared rays or invisible lights which, like the sun, is the disaster to pigmentation, wrinkles and damaging our skin cells. Pretty good a defense, wouldn't you agree? Having said that, SPF25 by far, I must say is minimum protection for our Malaysian mad hot weather and overall, for our ozone layer which is getting thinner and thinner. Furthermore, if you are someone like me whose terribly prone to pigmentation? You should, in fact you must apply sunblock atop this light, beige-white in color, creamy in texture and a cream sinking into your skin immediately and effortlessly without leaving behind a white cast. Neither did it break me up and for as long as it sat on my dehydrated and sensitive skin, I didn't drip in oiliness.   

Overall. Safi Rania Gold Day Cream SPF25++IR packaged in an attractive jar in my personal opinion is a decent cream. Whether it will iron out your wrinkles or lighten your pigmentation or will improvise the appearance of your skin, honestly, I can’t assure. For a matter of fact, it didn’t for me. Even after a month and because a tiny bit does not go a long way for me, I need to get my money ready for another moisturizer within the next two months. Nevertheless, rest assured. You may consider Safi Rania Gold Day Cream SPF25++IR for maintaining your skin and not in the hope it will rejuvenate or renew your skin.     

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