Monday, March 18, 2019

Mentholatum Lip Ice Sheer Color 2g Shimmer

My lips. Yes. Yes. Mine alright. My lips which has come a long way, by being part of me for the last 55 years. Honestly everyone, lemme profess. As much as I constantly try not to deny my lips care and attention? I suppose, the other is, we can't stop the ageing process? However and whatever, ageing taking a toll on our lips for not remaining as rosy and unspoiled as when we first crawled out of our mothers worm? Also, we without realizing, sometimes taking our lips for granted. Nevermind. Nothing is too late. No. Not at all if you are asking Navak K because we can still camouflage our lips by applying lipstick, or what are lips balms for? Personally for me, unless when special occasions are warranted for, I actually prefer lip balms for casual outings or even at home for keeping my lips moisturized and hydrated.

Lip balms (Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm)? Another lip balm introducing from me to you today. From the same Mentholatum family (Mentholatum Lip Crayon LipBalm). Mentholatum Lip Ice Sheer Color 2g Shimmer. Available in most pharmacies and I bet some of you may prefer buying online as well. Priced within RM10.00 to RM15.00, which in personal opinion is affordable. Then again? To each our own? How we define affordable and if you are still hoping for further price reduction, buy during sales. You never know. The best deal for the best price.  

Mentholatum Lip Ice Sheer Color 2g Shimmer. Conclusively, a lip winning formula for me. Shimmer, shine, color changeable and the outcome of natural ingredients. Natural ingredients as stated in plain simple language on the packaging and you will most probably won’t have a hard time figuring on which and what are these ingredients. Unlike some of the ingredients for other lips balms we end up struggling in knowing due to their high tech scientific names? Natural ingredients lip balms compared to chemical loaded lip balms? I am certain the demand will always be for natural ingredients lip balms? 
Housed in a thick pencil like shaped casing with a twistable bottom, this light beige in color lip balm I must say is a glider. Gliding super easily and effortlessly. However, aha, color changeable is subjective to, in tandem to your own natural lip color. In other words, how profound the color will be on your lips and definitely as far as I know, will not possibly be the same in comparison to each one of us. On my massively pigmented lips? No doubt, it gives a natural shade, but doesn't provide 100% coverage even if I build the color, over and over and over again. 
What about if I am to speak my mind about its casing? Whether casing is hardly or reliable? Twist and turn the twistable bottom forcefully,  there's no assurance it will remain stable. In fact, even when you are applying, balm tend to shake. 

Regardless, I will vouch that Mentholatum Lip Ice Sheer Color 2g Shimmer is my lippie happiness because it provides glossiness for temporarily combating my lips dryness. Its lasting power? Well, like most lip balms, most to most two to three hours or until you start eating or drinking. Anything else I should say? None. Except to convey the message to you that, lemme repeat myself again, I am rather pleased with Mentholatum Lip Ice Sheer Color 2g Shimmer.  

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