Thursday, March 7, 2019

Malay Style Udang Sambal

Yes. Of course. There is infinitely, as far as I know, various types of Udang Sambal or as per say, Sambal Udang (Sambal Goreng Udang Pete). Udang Sambal obviously, if you are asking me, is a popular Malaysian dish and specifically the originality of Malay cooking. And I? Do I have to repeat myself again and again? I just so love Malay food and sambal (Sardine Sambal & Sambal Tumis Telur)? Oh my sambal! Trust me, a spicy Malaysian delight, perhaps I must include Indonesian various types of sambal as well (Ikan Cabe Ijo) and Malay Style Udang Sambal? Truly, such an authentic cooking style, but somehow not the same as the Chinese style or Indian style Udang Sambal. For Indian Style Udang Sambal, its mostly curry powder and curry leaves, whereas Chinese Style Udang Sambal (Sichuan Chilli Prawns), specifically a Nyonya style, more or less, pretty much to a certain extent, can be trended somewhat to Malay Style Udang Sambal (Nyonya Okra Sambal). Still, I will vouch that nothing can out-beat or over-take a Malay Style Udang Sambal (Sambal Belimbing Ikan Bilis). Malay Style Udang Sambal! The absolute full-flavored, greatest good tempting power house. Alright foodies. Grab this recipe of Nava K.

Sambal Paste
10 dried chillies
5 garlic
3 shallots
1/2 inch roasted belacan
1 inch fresh turmeric
**blend/pulse with some water

Other ingredients
8 large prawns - de-vein, but keep the shell and head intact
1 turmeric leaf/daun kunyit - slice
Tamarind juice/lime juice (as needed)
Palm sugar/Gula Melaka (as needed)

Heat 4 to 5 tbsp of oil
Add sambal paste.
Cook till oil floats and aroma arises.
Add prawns.
Add salt, palm sugar and tamarind juice.
Pour water if needed for more gravy/sambal.
Lastly, stir in turmeric leaf and switch off the heat.


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