Friday, March 22, 2019

Life Coaching In Malaysia

Something is not right somewhere. Something like, if I am to speak about coaching in Malaysia. I may be wrong if I cluster all Malaysians in one big group, but obviously, as far as my own collectible data is a concern, quite a number are lost on who is a life coach and what do life coaches like me do. Honestly, I seemingly also can't put two and two together what's with the confusion. Unlike in Western or other countries in other parts of the world where coaching is not new in the market or industry. Even in Malaysia potentially? Those of you who are already exposed to coaching within its broadest spectrum? You know what I am talking about right? Still, like I have already told you, Malaysians are rather confused each time I hand over my business card or I tell them I am a life coach. They? Dadadada!! Of course, the onus is on me in patiently explaining. In fact, if you can recall, have we not spoken about coaching before (Life Coach. Who Is A Life Coach)? Then again. I guess, repeating is not going to hurt you, me or anyone for the matter? I suppose we have to if we want to make it crystal clear for clarifying the doubts Malaysians have about life coaching.

There are, yes, certainly, various definitions to coaching on the whole. In my own simplest term, I will say that coaching is not about testing your IQ level. It is actually a talking session whereby you talk and the coach listens and lemme also tell you the difference between counseling, consulting, mentoring and coaching.
Reflecting back/revisiting the past and slowly bringing forward the client to current situation by guiding or advising them.

Providing and giving advice to client(s) on a particular subject/matter.

Helping, advising and sharing of expertise by someone who is more experienced and knowledgeable to someone who are less experienced or less knowledgeable.

Coaching. On the other hand has nothing to do with advising. No. Not as far as I am concern as a life coach myself. Instead, the role of a life coach for a matter of fact is helping, guiding and empowering clients in whatever concern they have. Of course, nothing is absolute. To each our own and our life our choices. Furthermore, I must specifically compare counselling to coaching because this is the area, if I am not mistaken, we are twisted in our thoughts somewhat. Of course, undeniably, counseling and coaching can overlap. Yes. Take it from me. They can due to, in the verge of coaching, we can't avoid returning to the past. Yet, the point to note about coaching is moving from current to the future and definitely your honesty and truthfulness as a coachee will further cushion the coaching session. From the part of coaches like me, we are people who won't create impression about you. Neither we will judge you, nor we rush or push you or put pressure on you. Instead, we help or guide you in opting between your own choices and in return, charting your next course of action. Furthermore, for your information, coaching is  an utmost private and confidential matter. No one has the right to know, nor anyone can force it out from your coach about your coaching session. Plus, honest to goodness, we coaches strongly adhere to our code of ethics on your privacy and your confidentially is our guarded responsibility too.

Now, let me tell you what I coach my clients on. Business and personal development. Business as in starting your own business, or expanding your business or wanting to overcome the challengers you are facing in your business, or what not whatever. Also, in my capacity as a personal coach, we can look at well being, self-confidence, future personal or career goals and of course, I am a Personal Cooking Coach as well. All said and done, coaching in the simplest form, repeating myself again, is a talking session about anything under the sun or moon. Feel free. Just talk and remember something. Talking to your friends or family is not the same as to your coach who carry not only bags, but suitcases of unlimited listening skills. 

Alright guys. Till again. Please feel free in popping your questions to life coach Nava K (

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