Friday, February 8, 2019

Personal Cooking Coach

Of course. Without a doubt. No two ways about it. All of us can cook. Sure, we can. In fact, many of us I think have already crowned ourselves as the top leading “Home Chefs”. Moreover, correct me if I am wrong, we may even have gone to the extent of proudly professing to whoever it may be, we are a priceless piece of super home chefs. Some of us, right, have also included our great-grandmothers, grandmothers, mothers and the rest of our family members in the category of the best cooks in the world? You should. I'm definitely not saying no and I won’t deny either because heritage, heirloom recipes handed down from generation to generation are forever a food treasure, soul food close to our mouth. In fact, many of us I believe learn to cook from, if not from our grandmothers, at least from our mothers. Additionally, in this digital era we are living, when we speak about recipes and cooking tips on the whole? Endless. From master chefs who have won many accolades or like I already told you, people who have self-crowned themselves as prominent home chefs? 

Nevertheless, yes, there is always a nevertheless, let’s get one thing straight and clear. As easy as cooking may sound or is perceived or is thought to be, sorry to say, the reality is otherwise. The hard or soft reality to how cooking used to back then. Back then when we didn’t struggle for time and cooking by itself which used to be one of our priorities. These days. Correct me if I am wrong? How many people actually cook or know how to cook? Trust me. You should. I have even coached clients who, no joke ladies and gentlemen, can't even cook a simple meal. Well, what do you expect? Career and professional commitment, plus, social media madness, leaving so little time or no time for cooking. Basically, people eating out and returning home at the end of the day for putting their head down. Nothing surprising, neither shocking anymore. We working our butts out, all for earning a living or for some people, we can say slogging because materialism success is what they are aiming for. In return, compromising on home cooking. 
Whatever said, still, it all depends on you. Yes you and no one else if you believe in staying true to a decent, satisfying and fulfilling home meal. Irrespective of gender, irrespective whether eating out or cooking at home is cheaper and irrespective if it’s a meal for you alone or for your family. Of course, I agree that whipping a meal is not a straight linear line. No, it is not. Because, there are obviously other variables. Like menu planning, buying and preparing the ingredients, cooking itself and cleaning up thereafter. The point however, is still, nothing like home cooked meals. Home cooked meals cooked with love and cooking for healthy living. Then again, our life our choices. Whether you want to continue eating out or you want to engage Nava K as your personal cooking coach. Now, how does this, my personal cooking coaching work? Customized, to suit your preference and of course, as you want it to be as well. After all, like I have already told you before (Life Coach. Who Is A Life Coach), coaching in every matter is about helping, guiding and empowering others. Buzz me. When you are ready yea (  

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