Saturday, January 26, 2019

Restoran Sing Kee Wong (Seri Setia) - Sungai Way

Residence of Sungei Way and even those of you who are living within, around or a distance from Petaling Jaya. I may be wrong, but I can't help assuming you may have heard of Restoran Sing Kee Wong? Or you must at least have noticed their signboard whenever you drive pass the narrow road of Seri Setia/Sungai Way and quite a close distance from Kopitiam Under Big Tree. What about me? Sure. I too have notice their signboard due to me passing by this area whenever. But somehow, strange. All these years. Though the intention was always there for dining in Restoran Sing Kee Wong, yet, somehow, tell me about it? What we intend to do and what never materializes. For reasons we know or we don't. Finally, on this particular week day at the suggestion of my two friends who frequent Restoran Sing Kee Wong if not often, at least every now and then. 

Arriving for an early lunch by 11.30am, all’s well ended well for parking. Within the reserved parking area right in front of Restoran Sing Kee Wong. Nevertheless, I can't assure you if parking matter will be an easy matter for you if you dine in Restoran Sing Kee Wong during lunch or dinner peak hours. I guess then. You will be amongst those who park along the road and within where there are other eateries as well.   

Restoran Sing Kee Wong and their ambiance. Basic. Coffee shop style and for you to opt between dining inside or outside. Of course inside air-conditioned area will be conducive when our Malaysian hot weather is merciless or you still prefer being seated outside, go ahead. Please feel free. Service. At once. Should be right? We were are only customers? Menu listed with more than enough selection popping up at once and me not discounting the ordering skills of my friends. Basically, I left it to them since they sort of knew the menu at the back of their hands and before we agreeing on Mix Vegetable, Beans Stir Fried With Dried Shrimps and Pork Salted Fish. For drinks, a pot of Jasmine tea and later, Amra Asam Boi.

Not bad. Not an absolute 100 percent winner, yet a pleasing and appetizing meal. My kinda meal in fact. Mixed vegetable. A tasty delight despite looking lifeless and unattractive.
Beans stir fried with dried shrimps. The profound simplicity to minimal ingredients high heat frying.
Pork salted fish. Equally satisfying. Lean thinly sliced tender pork, and bitsy of salted fish, cooked alongside dried chillies, soy sauce and onion. The burst of tad bit of saltiness and spiciness. Oh-my. I always have a fondness for such a dish. 
Restoran Sing Kee Wong (Sungai Way) on the whole was not a let down. Nevertheless, I must stress that you won't be deprived of these dishes in other Chinese restaurants as well. Still, I won't mind returning to Restoran Sing Kee Wong for their seafood or noodles dishes which I was told by my friends are worth the try.   

Restoran Sing Kee Wong
28, Jalan SS9a/16
Seri Setia
Petaling Jaya

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