Monday, January 14, 2019

Nivea Body Lotions

Body lotion, body milk, body moisturiser, body balm or however. However you like to call or however a body cream is known to you. Obviously though, body lotion, is, yes is, for keeping our skin supple, moisturized, hydrated, healthy and comfortable  Of course, without a doubt, I am awarding all the yesses under or above the skin beauty world. Yesses? Are you right now, going like what are all the yesses for? The yesses are for affirming the fact that we all definitely need a body lotion. We sure do. We must in fact. Don't you think so? I'm sure you are agreeing? Otherwise, I rest my skin beauty case on you (St.Ives Body Lotion). But for the rest of you who are agreeing, thank you darlings. I suppose you are agreeing because you are absolutely certain that skin on our body must be a beauty package in tandem to our top to toe beauty? Honestly, tell me please. Who on earth will be proud or honorable if skin is dry, flaky or like fish scale? Moreover, lets not forget that dry skin is the road to disaster. The disaster to the possibilities of, over time or in due course, to skin slowly cracking up, bleeding and trust me, can cause infection as well.  
Now, right now, yes now, we should get down to the beauty business of? You are right. When we speak about the whole composite of body lotions, we have hell of a lot of choices. We are spoiled for choices, wouldn't you agree? Of course. As far as my analysis is sounding the right findings. The list can go on and on. The list for body beautiful body products. Nonetheless, at the end of it all, it all boils down to? You are damn right again. Dollar and cents. How much we are willing to pay and relatively also within the context of brands influencing our purchasing power. In other words, money and which brand has created an impact why we stick to a specific brand.    
Nivea? What about Nivea and nava k? My brand for body lotions. Nivea. Remember, I have already introduced to you (Nivea Fruity Lip Balm Cherry)? Today, we shall specifically nail it on Nivea and their body lotions. Nivea. A brand that has come a long in the body lotion market and over the years, I have and I am still noticing a new concoction or made of theirs. How can I possibly not?
Me being a Nivea body person for as long as I can remember and why is it so, are you asking me? Well, one word to sum up. Affordable. Not to say there are no other affordable brands, but Nivea is literally the profound affordability for me personally. Whether best buys or best bargains are thrown in, believe me, Nivea is still affordable. Plus, Nivea is easily available and they usually take a prominent spot even in our neighborhood stores.   
Me and Nivea so far? Going strong. Nothing nor I can complain and me progressing alongside Nivea because each time I notice a new made or concoction, I can't help but keep my body lotion beauty book open. These days too, due to age and my body system not producing enough natural suppleness and oils as it used to be? Also, I must include the thinning of ozone layer and climate change throughout the globe which has massively contributed towards sun heatwave, I am picking up mostly Nivea lotions made from essential oils and for sun defense mechanism. However, a  tiny bit definitely does not go a long way. I really, really need to lather Nivea generously. As generous as I can. That is why, most probably, why I am picking up another bottle of Nivea body lotion at least two months once for my once a day use.  

So far so good let me reaffirm. Nivea body lotion(s) has not let me down. Albeit I really can’t tell you which made of theirs is the best. All basically equally for me in terms of delivering the results to body protection from dryness and UVA & UVB.  
Packaging-wise? The standard Nivea packaging like throughout the years. Nothing over the top. Yet, eye catchy, color scheme staying true to blue and white as Nivea originality, and packaging is rather hardy. Plus, either a pump or a cap atop the plastic bottle or tube for streaming lotion on your hand prior to applying all over our body.  
Texture and formula. Thick, creamy, milky white always the color, and scent which will not put your off and easy absorption without leaving behind stickiness or greasiness. The question now is? Has applying any of these concoctions of Nivea body lotions improvised my skin? Improvise may not be the right word I should use for explaining the results of Nivea. Yet, I won't deny that Nivea body lotions are for skin maintaining my and you must too play your role. Your role of applying Nivea diligently. If not twice, at least once a day. 
Alright all you beautiful people. So much for Nivea lotions. For those of you who prefer listening instead of reading, you should to my video. Or no harm done, if we read and listen as well?   

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