Friday, January 18, 2019

Life Coach. Who Is A Life Coach?

Life Coach. Shall I, must I or should I assume you know who is a life coach? Well, for a matter of fact, many of us, correct me if I am wrong, in one way or rather must have heard of life coaches? Correct? Unless otherwise? You are not really sure who life coaches are and what we do. Nevermind. Its really okay. Let me assure you that it is really okay if you only have a tiny bit of clue or no clue at all who is a life coach. What am I for anyway? As a life coach myself, the onus is on me. I should be the one who must tell you. I am by the way a life coach for business and personal development. Of course, life coaching by itself, is a broad or the broadest spectrum. You name it, you can engage a specific life coach for your specific spectrum or purpose. I on the other hand have decided in staying true to my expertise. Why? We are best at what we know best, wouldn't you agree? Based on our expertise, skills, abilities, knowledge and of course, as well, our hard earned credentials are our supporting assets. The question now is? What is my role as a life coach?

I basically, yes I passionately guide, help and empower my clients. In what? In tapping the known and unknown potentials or inherent in them. Nevertheless, the choice is, yes, theirs. In not only chunking, but also opting between the choices for the betterment or improvising their business or a person. Not easy ladies and gentlemen. As easy as it may sound. No. Not as simple as you think or like drawing a straight line with a ruler. Because. Our choices must be in tandem to the effort or action we put in for the outcome. In other words, if we don't have what it takes in moving our choices to results, obviously, we need to bridge the gap. The gap which may require resources or utilizing our strengths and minimizing our weaknesses. Now, you must thinking. Why do I need a life coach when I can do all of these by myself. Well and good. Sure. Go ahead. I won't discourage you. But the truth is that? Coaching or also known as talking therapy is a powerful engaging tool for untangling whatever that is holding you back from your accomplishments. Let alone, in this era of life in the fast lane, stress, lack of time and the rat race can cloud your thoughts. Thus, when you engage a life coach? Rest assured. Its a different logical and rational thinking path all together. Anything more should I say? Not really. Except maybe, unless, if you are not convinced with what I have said, you want to check with people who have hired a life coach. After all or not after all, nothing like straight from the horse's mouth?
Alright ladies and gentlemen. Till my next pitching on life coaching. Meanwhile, feel free in dropping a mail for clarifying whatever you have in mind on coaching. Remember, nothing is impossible if you put your trust in your coach and of course, your goodself as well.

Nava K
Nava K Consulting.

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