Thursday, December 20, 2018

Restoran Wai Kei - Old Klang Road

Restoran Wai Kei! Where? Very easy. If you are standing in front of Scott Garden (Restoran Meng Kee & Wong Kok Char Chan Teng), Wai Kei is on the right hand side. Just within a distance of less than 5 minutes walking and the first few amongst the row of the run down shop lots. My reason why I ended up in Wai Kei? Life! My life. What a life. Running errands. Endless. Constantly. From one end to the other and on this particular day, another important matter in Scott Garden and at the recommendation of the person I had to met. Accompanied by my other half-half as well, we walking into Restoran Wai Kei by 11.30am. Restoran Wai Kei. Seemingly quite a prominent food figure which has already made its mark amongst the nearby and maybe even far away customers. Been in the same location I think for the longest time and has also received very favourble food reporting from the media. Not bad. Wouldn't you agree? For such an unassuming restaurant. No frill and nothing really outstanding in terms of ambiance and offering quite a good bit of choices of obviously, Chinese style to food dining.
Taking our seats at the first empty while other customers were slowing streaming in and the person who attended to us. Most probably if I am not mistaken is the owner and if I am not wrong again, the chef at helm is the owner's wife I could see from the somewhat open kitchen. We ordered and within time, out come the pot of Chinese tea to our table. But the dishes?
God! Almost 15 minutes. At least they could have served the simply fried Spinach Garlic and Prawn Omelette first? Such easy to put together dishes which can be cooked in a jiffy? No. Instead served simultaneously alongside Claypot Fish Head Curry. Duh! Anyway, we tucking in and? What should I say? Definitely I can't blow the trumpets nor should I roll out the red carpet for Restoran Wai Kei. Claypot Fish Head Curry? Except for the taste of coconut milk and curry powder in, around and within the fish head, brinjal, ladies fingers, long beans and tofu pok in claypot.
Sadly, not to our liking. Spiciness? Sourness? Scent of spices? Literally none. No taste like and Claypot Fish Head Curry mind you listed and known as the best seller or a must try signature dish of Restoran Wai Kee. Maybe not the fault of Claypot Fish Head Curry. Should I instead blame it our on our strong and sharp Indian palates?

Spinach stir fried with garlic and egg fried with prawns, onion, chillies and spring onion? Okay. Just an okay.  Overall, what we concluded is. Wai Kei was trying to control our diet by limiting salt or even flavour enhancement in these dishes. If I am not mistaken.    

What about our friend? No comments whatever. Yet, he kept repeating that Restoran Wai Kei is holding the key for unlocking or locking in Chinese food deliciousness. Which key I couldn't help but wonder. Maybe their master food key was misplaced on this particular day? You tell me please. 

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