Monday, December 10, 2018

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Clinical Overnight Treatment

Night Cream! We did speak about before (BIO-ESSENCE Bio-Bounce Essence Cream)? Not once (Olay Total Effects Night Cream)? We also took this beauty night matter till the height and weight of sea or ocean wave length (Garnier Night Restore Cream)? We sure did. Now, a question from me to you. Is it, is night cream now part and parcel of your beauty routine? Really up to you. But remember something. There is a difference between day cream and night cream. Then again, for a matter of our beauty fact, no one can stop you from using your day cream at night. Even I won't dare. Yet, if you are asking me, I will still go ahead and recommend a night cream. Especially if you have hit the "Big 5" like me, but definitely there is no age limit when you should start using. As long as? You personally feel its about time, go ahead and keep going.  

My night cream beauty mission today? Obviously? Let's get to know Loreal White Perfect Clinical Overnight Treatment. The same. What is the same? Whether known as overnight cream, overnight balm or overnight treatment, it all boils down to? Simply said. Cream you apply before hitting the bed. Not as in like literally before hopping in bed. You can of course apply night cream once you have cleanse your face in the evening and if you are absolutely sure you won't be going out. 

Loreal White Perfect Clinical Overnight Treatment and its night beauty perks? In other words, the benefits of this white in color, not too thick, neither too runny and somewhat smelling like a mild concoction of tables prescribed by doctors, night cream? Quite a fair bit actually. Not by me though. But as listed on the cardboard box and as if Malaysian Malay and Chinese beauties are the specific target market of L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Clinical Overnight Treatment. Look at the wordings on the packaging and you will know what I mean. Of course, Chinese language supposedly is now the universal language compared to English? What about us? The Indian ladies. Hah! We are smart. We are good at any language. 
My beauty say about L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Clinical Overnight Treatment? As a night moisturizer, I have nothing bad to say. It delivers. Loreal White Perfect Clinical Overnight Treatment basically locking in moisture on my skin. Only moisture. Not hydration. Why not hydration? My fine lines on my forehead? I am definitely not expecting a totality to ditching them aside, at least a tiny bit of fine tuning? Perhaps, a tiny bit. Otherwise? Sadly. A sad case. What about anti spot whitening, or brightening? Really questionable each time I apply and each day I wake up the next morning. Even after two months. Dang! My pigmentation is still stubborn as a mule. Brightening or whitening? You know what? I just so hate the word whitening. As if we want to be crowned as the next snow white. Oh please. Our original skin color is the best color and if we can keep our skin clean, clear and nourished, we are the number one beauty in our beauty world.   

How much should you apply? A tiny bit does not go a long way for me though. I need at least 4 substantial dollops. One on my forehead, one each of my cheeks and one on my chin. All said and done, I must vouch that Loreal White Perfect Clinical Overnight Treatment is no fighter in spreading and absorbing easily, and so far so good because it has not broke me up.        
Packaging wise? I won't mind awarding a credit for this like a standard status packaging of Loreal. Glass container, a lid atop and a silver twistable cover. What about the returns? The returns in terms of quantity of cream (50ml) for the dollars and cents you have paid (RM60.00)? I think within the next two months, I need to bring out my money again. The big question now, would you like to help me out? Should I invest in Loreal White Perfect Clinical Treatment again or I should scout the beauty stores and pharmacies for a better night cream deal? You tell me please. Of course, without a doubt, for those of you who are expecting the least from Loreal White Perfect Clinical Treatment, except as a night moisturiser, or maybe I can throw in hydration, you will most probably on the whole be skin and beauty satisfied with Loreal White Perfect Clinical Treatment. 

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