Thursday, November 15, 2018

Kopitiam Under Big Tree (Sungai Way, Petaling Jaya)

Under The Tree, or The Big Tree or as my close friend calls it, Under The Yum-Yum Tree. Officially, known as Kopitiam Under Big Tree as per Google listing and it is where my friend is a regular customer, and he literally. I don't know like how many times already, been asking me to join him. Finally, we couldn't escape and out of curiosity as well, we agreed. From Shah Alam to his house in Kampung Tunku and then to Under Big Tree where people park at their whims and fancy within or around the whole stretch of road. Malaysians! We sort of prefer to escape from paying for parking even if its only two dollars? Only two dollars at the closest open car park. Yet? We rather complain hell of a lot when we see a summon under our car wind screen? I guess. Some things will never change in Malaysia? Our Malaysian mentality of causing inconvenience to fellow Malaysians by parking as we wish? Madness. What about us? We paid prior to walking into Under Big Tree. 

Love it. Like what? I love this concept of eating in such an ambiance. Call it the layman's or laywoman's unassuming and like yesteryears set up. Cleanliness wise? I'll leave it up to you. The big tree by itself? Shading the dining area and somehow, trust me, sweating may be unavoidable, but really, not really hot and of course, supported by fans.  

I of course had to walk around and also screen their menu pasted on the glass frame of the hawker cart and, by the time I returned to our table, my friend had already taken over the ordering. His favourite Fried Kembung Fish Set. Fried Fish, Egg and Vegetable in soy sauce, and some crispy fried garlic and chilli atop, accompanied by a plate of rice. Adui! I in fact wanted to call for dishes. Anyway, we didn't mind because this fish set is said to be one of the best and like I always say, unless you try? Precisely. Drinks arrived in a jiffy, Chinese Tea and Barley in Sweet Tea if I am not mistaken, followed by fish set within the next five minutes.  

How? What should I say? Honestly, such a confusing matter once we tucked in. Both of us, my other half-half and myself were of lost for words. We really couldn't digest the saltiness of soy sauce and fish, goodness me, we could hardly chew. Egg and blanched leafy veg? I don't think I want to say anything. Maybe best said as the basic or the usual.     
Seriously, I am not sure why this fish set is raved. We on the other hand, we just didn't like it. Affordable of course affordable if you feel RM10.00 (per set) is affordable and Kopitiam Under Big Tree seemingly is a popularity. Groups and groups of office workers and who ever not already being seated by 12.30pm as we were making our way out. Will I return to Kopitiam Under The Tree (Jalan SS9a/14, Ss 9a, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor)? Maybe yes. Maybe no, but if I do, I definitely won’t settle for Fried Fish Set. Maybe their pork dishes and stir fried veggies will be a better food deal? Let's see how it goes. 

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