Sunday, November 4, 2018

Big Baba - Taman Desa

Big Baba! Who is Big Baba? I don't know if Big Baba is a person or just a name coining. But rest assured. Big Baba is where you tuck into a Nyonya Meal. Any particular reason why we dined in Big Baba? Nothing really conclusively. Just that after running or walking some errands within the vicinity of Old Klang Road, hunger bells rang for lunch. Why then specifically Big Baba amongst the rest of the restaurants which popped up online at my search? Let.s just say that, due to me being a big fan of  Nyonya food and also, since I have already crowned myself as a big time or small time Nyonya home chef, I wanted to personally find out if Big Baba will outrightly be a Nyonya food pride. 

Parking matter around and within Big Baba? Expect the expected during lunch time and we like going around three times before parking right at the far end. Nevermind to parking, the parking meter? Hell! In fact, a killing hell. Slotting coins and pressing the buttons. God! Pressing and pressing almost until numbing our my fingers. Finally, almost 20 minutes totality for getting the damn parking ticket after the other person in front of us who also massively struggled, and before our five minutes walk to Big Baba. Big Baba from the outside? Almost, in fact, truly resembling an old time colonial house which most probably will keep you wondering how the ambiance is going to be. But the moment you walk in?  
For me personally, I just so loved the interior. Nothing by far I didn't love. I loved the whole lot of it and I wouldn't stop admiring all those antics and decos in tandem to back then Nyonya living.   
Menu popped up soonest and between the ala-carte menu and set lunch menu, we screened the later before opting for Asam Pedas (Sour Spicy Fish) Set, Udang Lemak Nenas (Prawn Pineapple Coconut Curry) Set and for our after meal sweet delight, Bubur Cha Cha and Cendol.
We waited. Patiently. Duh! More than 5 minutes for asam pedas set and at least all in all 10 minutes for udang masak lemak nenas set. How? Without a doubt, a wholesome, filling, hearty meal, and credit due must be credit given. Credit for? Nyonya cooking and aroma of spices and herbs, and coconut milk. My lunch companion was quite pleased with the taste of asam pedas gravy in which there were, I think, a few brinjal slices. But fish by itself? Not a fresh catch. Fish didn't taste right and fish being the outright reason why we lowered our marks for asam pedas set. Paired alongside Jiu Hu Char (yam bean with cuttlefish stir fried), cucumber salad, and a slice of fried omelette atop rice.  
What about Prawn Pineapple Curry Set? Obviously, generosity in terms of 4 quite big prawns. But, the but was the curry. Wasn't a mover or shaker. Somewhat a let down due to lacking in the big, bold profound spiciness and sourness as I was expecting. In fact, I must say rather bland. Basically, didn't impress me and Prawn Pineapple Curry Set paired alongside the same sides, except no egg, and me actually fancying the cucumber salad, but the sad looking and like warmed up till death jiu hu char, just so-so.   
Table cleared, I actually asked for, thereafter, we spooning into Cendol and Bubur Cha Cha. Cendol?  I like the fact that palm sugar syrup was served separately and what else can be different for cendol except coconut milk, green rice flour jelly and shaved ice, and this one had red beans and cincau (glass jelly) as well. Cendol basically another cendol. Similarly, Bubur Cha Cha, coconut milk, sugar and sweet potato, yam and sago, well, the usual fare you won't be deprived else where. Even from hawker stalls.     
Big Baba overall?  Glad I tried. Ambiance definitely an eye winner, service can be interpreted as the foreign workers clearly knowing why they are employed and food, more less, maybe a few marks above average.  

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