Friday, October 12, 2018

Tang Pin Kitchen - SS2, Petaling Jaya

For whatever reason it may have been, it fact I myself can't comprehend why I decided to take on the roads all the way from Old Klang Road leading to SS2. Though I can't exactly nail what's with me and SS2 specifically on this particular day, one thing however was absurdly certain. I wanted to badly have a meal. Hunger basically waving and calling me loudly and SS2 by far for me? Still memorable and unforgettable till this day. How can I possibly forget because SS2, as well as Sea Park Apartment were my territories for 18 years in my mid-twenties to late thirties and before uprooting in 2013 for giving myself a promising new lease of marriage life in Kota Kemuning. SS2. Even back then? A mini power house food paradise. Of course where the birth of the first ever Murni took place, I might as well include Chow Yang and Nasi Kandar Kayu which most probably are still the prominent food leaders in SS2, and also the hawker stalls across the police station when clubbing and wee hours supper were in tandem for me. SS2, more or less outwardly still the same, of course traffic and parking madness has further mounted and there are now aplenty choices to eateries.   

My drive definitely landed me in one piece and without much hiccups in SS2, but due to parking (24, SS2/24), after passing by the still going strong Lobsterman like three times, believe me even before the clock struck 12pm, thank god for the parking spot close-by to Ta Pin Kitchen. Quickly parking before anyone for the matter would have intercepted by standing and guarding the spot, I took a glimpse of the banner menu which indicated we can expect a mix of Chinese and Nyonya dishes, and instead of being amongst the rest of the customers in this another Kopitiam setup ambiance, we sat outside.     

Menu came cruising almost at once and we being helped out by the foreign staff who pointed out to some of the signature dishes on their one piece laminated menu we should consider. Done. We ordered and we waited for, lets say five minutes most to most before food popping up on our table.     
Chee Cheong Fun Curry/flat steamed rice rolls generously cushioned in a thick, creamy and vibrantly attractive curry, atop with crispy fried shrimps and shallots sincerely alerted the yummy-tummy, happy-tummy mode. Appreciated to every bit, but the Curry Mee my lunch companion tucked into seemingly was a better deal in terms of the curry. The curry soaking in noodles, tofu and quite big pieces of fish cakes. Curry in Curry Mee somehow tasted more profoundly delicious and when eaten alongside the spicy Dried Shrimp Sambal, in fact even for Chee Cheong Fun, we actually felt the riots of spiciness and enhanced tastiness on our tastebuds.   

Barley Fucuk consisting of soy sheets, barley and lotus nuts, served hot as per my request, did also contribute by putting a smile on my face. Not overly sweet simplicity, Barley Fucuk by the way will forever remain my favourite even in other Chinese eateries. Whereas the said as original Indian style Cendol I vouch must be regarded as the dessert pride of Tang Pin Kitchen. Coconut milk, Gula Melaka/palm sugar syrup, green rice flour jelly and red beans under and above the tiny mountain of shave ice genuinely won us over. Winning us over and over again as we continued slurping in and until nothing was left behind.   
All in all, Tang Pin Restaurant didn't let us down. Attentive and in a jiffy customer service, clean and tidy ambiance on the whole and food pretty much kicking in the flavours and tastes we are always fond of.     

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