Thursday, October 25, 2018

Lankan Cafe - Taman Petaling, Petaling Jaya

Lankan Café! Was Lankan Café like a stumbled upon by chance food discovery? Nope! I in fact had already prior read and for me personally, I am more incline in finding out about eateries from Google Maps. Yep. Google Maps where foodies actually share honest and sincere reviews. Unlike on blogs and online media? Look, I am not saying all blogs and online media are full of crap. I myself am a blogger by the way, but potentially, what can you expect when you eat for free or you are paid to write and video share on social media as well? You tell me and even if I am proven wrong, I will still stick to my guns in trusting reviews on Google Maps which by far carries more weight mostly and after reading the favorable reviews on Lankan Café, I decided. Lankan Café must be food tested out. After all, yours truly, she quite know it? Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan cuisine already much explored (Colombo & Negambo) and to certain extent, I myself am quite a Sri Lankan home chef in my kitchen too. How did my other half-half react when I suggested Lankan Café? He had no qualms whatsoever. Basically, no objection. Why should he anyway? Comparatively, Sri Lankan food is all things spicy nice like Indian food and of course we must look up and down to coconut milk or even fresh coconut when we speak about Sri Lankan cuisine on the whole? Without a doubt.

Off to Lankan Café on this Sunday and parking? Seemingly a madness norm on Sundays too whereby eating out has gained tremendous momentum as our Malaysian culture and within where Lankan Café is located, you either park further and walk up. Or do a few rounds like we did. Regardless, patience definitely must be your virtue before squeezing somewhere along the narrow road across the houses. We sure did fine and by the time we walked up to the first floor, oh-my goodness. As if a food carnival is going in Lankan Café. Swarmed. Literally. Almost packed back to back, and more customers making their way in, and we securing a table right at the far end in this quite limited in space café. 

Having said that, ambiance is worth being praised. Red as one of the main colour codes on the wall and contrasting well against the dark and light tone tables, chairs and fittings. Furthermore, I liked the fact that sun beaming through the glass windows actually created natural bright sparkles instead of you feeling as though you are dining in gloominess. How about service? A winning formula. Almost instant response and we also being told about opting between buffet lunch or ala-carte. Buffet at RM38.00 for small eaters like us? Such a waste right? Realistically. Thus, we looked at their straightforward and nothing confusing menu before ordering Crab Curry Set Lunch, Mutton Curry Set Lunch and Tapioca Cake. 
10 minutes of wait, we tucked in. Honestly guys, a wondrous Sri Lankan food love. Crab Curry Set Lunch? Spicy and spices elevated crab curry paired alongside dal, onion sambol, gourd stir fried, papadam and rice. Lankan style bitter gourd definitely was the number one winner. Fried bitter gourd tossed in tomato, green chilli, shallots and I think some lime juice. Onion sambol on the other hand? Sweetness and strong cardamom scent notably didn't make sense. Whereas thick dal faring really appetizing, but when it came to biting the crab legs, I was not shy in asking the staff to get them cracked up. Off to the kitchen for giving a bash before crab legs settle back on our table. Thanks to the demure lady who obliged without sulking or showing her long face. 

Mutton Curry Set Lunch? Another mouth popping deliciousness like crab curry. Coconut milk, spices and tender mutton pieces in an appealing and automatically throwing our palates to a delightful zone darkest knight curry. Of course eaten with rice and the same side dishes as for crab curry set lunch.

Up next, Lankan Tapioca Cake. Ohlalala!! Baking I think most probably must have been the cooking technic to this not overly sweet, and grated coconut, grated tapioca, and ghee made Tapioca Cake. Really lovable until my other half-half willingly helped me out in finishing it off.  
Lankan Café!  All in all a genuine food pride. In fact, when we were settling the bill, I think the lady owner if I am not mistaken was another example of how customers are valued in certain eateries. In the case of Lankan Café, she further nailed it. 

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