Friday, September 28, 2018

Thai Odyssey @ klia2 (Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Sepang)

 Me time, my time or our time to us. Wouldn’t you agree is important and should be our priority? Of course if you are asking me. Maybe not always because I am one person who believe there must be check and balance in everything we do, but every now and then, we must really put ourselves at the forefront for doing whatever pleasing to us. Can be anything for the matter and not necessarily packing our bags for travelling the horizon, yet it can be even the smallest things instead of procrastinating, or debating within ourselves or putting on a drama for secretly hoping others will find time for us. Nonsense! Stop sitting and waiting. Instead you should move your own butt in finding even a few hours for being alone by ditching everything aside. Yes ladies. Please! Albeit I am definitely not referring to the current generation of women who, trust me, are the lucky ones. All cared for by mum or even husbands these days? Glorifying and worshipping the ground their wives walk by giving the best.

 Yet the best is not good enough. No wonder marriages are crumbling like no body’s business despite social media showy weddings? Who are actually the women I feel must take their time for breaking away from the monotony of the daily stressful grind? Women in my age group. Women like me in our fifties and above who work, who cook, clean and are there for our love ones in every count countlessly. Yet we can still hold our forts without complaining? Regardless, I know how frustrating it can get. That’s why, like I have already told you, go ahead, be selfish and take your time without allowing anyone to get into your way.   

Where is this whole thing to me time, my time actually heading to if you still can't clueless? Remember, me spilling the beans beans previously? That’s right everyone. Me on my own for a whole day. In fact, spending my birthday alone which lemme tell you was the best birthday so far in my life. What else was part of me for my time in between? To Thai Odyssey for foot message (around RM88.00), but sadly though, appointment couldn't be fixed on the spot. Still, I was adamant in treating myself. Appointment jotted down and me returning after two hours. Caught me by surprise. Honestly! I really thought it’s gonna be another one of those Thai massage centers, of course I did notice the ambiance earlier, but once I sat and also walked around, seriously, mind touching. 

A pride to no fault finding comfortable, rustic, spacious and wondrous ambiance. Wow! Kudos too to all the pleasant staff. In fact, their smiling faces and professionalism must be included as the tagline of Thai Odyssey outrightly. Whist waiting and after being served I think herbal tea which I took just a sip, I wouldn’t keep quiet. Closer steps to the shelves where the various types of products are, especially the different scented, made from herbs soaps. Temptation did run high mind you for getting these affordable soaps, but considering that I have stock of similar ones at home, oh-boy, glad I didn't open my wallet.        

10 minutes most to most, thereafter me being ushered to the section at the back of the reception area for foot wash. Feet washed, scrubbed with no-harsh scented salt and wiped, which I must tell me made me feel as though I have been bestowed royal treatment and then into the treatment room. Not a single room all by myself, but one room for all women who have opted for foot massage and without compromising on privacy and me surrendering by cocooning under the blanket for receiving the stroking, pressing and other foot reflexology technics prior to oil applying. Appreciated but I didn’t like the stick using, knuckles and elbow technics because I personally prefer only hand and finger pressure point really firm massage. Nevertheless, in all fairness, I won't deny I didn't enjoy every bit of this foot massage, including the 15 minutes shoulder being stretched  back and forth, head massage and me requesting for my face to be left alone.

By the time I knew, an hour had passed by. God! Wish I could have stayed longer. In fact, I was wanted more and more, but I guess all goods thing must come to an end right? Will I return to Thai Odyssey again. Of course. Most probably for satisfying my curiosity in wanting to find out if their body massage will be a game changer for relieving stress and promoting health. 

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