Saturday, September 22, 2018

Khunthai Authentic Thai Restaurant - Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya

Keeping the marriage flame going, trust me, is no easy feat. Especially once the years catches up on us and if you have been married for donkey years like me, I think you can precisely understand what I am trying to say. Courting is over and maybe marriage sparks flamed high, let’s say for the first five years and consequently? Knowingly or unknowingly, to a certain extent we taking each other for granted due to our work commitment, or so called busyness of achieving success, fame and fortune. Of course, I am not denying the fact that the dollar and cents we earn is a prerequisite for a comfortable marriage life. Like they say, no money no honey, but in our quest for further cushioning our marriage with money, we somehow take each other for granted. Wouldn’t you agree? In other words, we conveniently forget we must ignite and initiate our marriage flame before automatically allowing marriage to take a slow death by becoming mundane and boring until it literally begs for tender loving care? Of course. Without a doubt. Tell me about it. 

Thank god, out of the blues two weeks ago, glad I was my other half-half realize we need to break the monotony of the daily grind and suggested we should for a change dine out for our moment of rekindling our marriage instead of me doing the usual rolling of the pots and pans. Oh-boy! I literally jumped and when he actually mentioned Khuntai rather than heading to another Indian restaurant like he normally does, I couldn't be happier. Thai food and I, and Thai food in Khuntai, remember guys, my previous dining experience in Khunthai Banting? Moreover, since I have also dined in Khunthai Butterworth, I sort of knew what to to expect in terms of their ambiance and obviously food. Nevertheless, I must tell you know that nothing like night dining compared to lunch in Khuntai because ambiance is definitely more romantic once the sun slowly fades away from the sky and moon most probably shining through, albeit you won't be deprived of dining in the huts while being seated at the wooden tables and benches.
Menu popped up almost in a jiffy and we deciding on what to order from the quite a wide selection, and before we knew, within the next five minutes, drinks and rice settled on our table, followed by the three dishes one after the other. Khunthai's popular take and like an in-house brand White Tom Yum Soup I must say truly captivated out attention. A riot and explosion of spiciness and sourness mainly, and without stinging on sizeable prawns, some fish pieces, squids and oyster mushrooms, White Tom Yum Seafood Soup believe me, made our food day. Loved it to every bit and sourness somehow is sincerely authentic. Perhaps, I am guessing by the way, the outcome of a different kind of tamarind juice or lime juice. Bottom line, seriously, White Tom Yam Soup was a power rocker.

The Chap Gong Omelette, I really can’t tell you which category of veggie it is, yet obviously some sort of leafy green and eggs fried as a flat one piece, was quite appetizing, whereas Salted Egg Yoke Lotus Root out-rightly rather bland and tasteless. Not to our liking, sadly no, until after a piece or two, we gave up, neither were we keen in packing back.

Tab Tim Krob, my all time favourite Thai dessert and like a customary sweet delight for ending a spicy Thai meal, on the other hand did put a smile on my face. Coconut milk, shaved ice, some jelly and red rubies, or flour coated water chestnuts easily assembled Tab Tim Krob, wouldn’t you agree is forever appreciated no matter from whichever Thai restaurant or even from the Thai ordinary stalls?
Now, the question is, must Khunthai be mentioned as a strong rivalry to other Thai restaurants? If you are asking me, except for the one dish which didn't trill our palates, Khunthai is definitely still a pride and affordable as well (RM54.60).  Honestly, I wouldn't at all mind returning again. 

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