Sunday, September 16, 2018

BIO-ESSENCE Bio-Bounce Collagen Essence Cream

There’s definitely a beauty story behind this BIO-ESSENCE, Bio-Bounce Bird’s Nest Collagen Essence Cream. But I am not sure if it will sound like an intriguing story to your ears and eye sight or you are going judge me due to my silliness or let's say mistake. What's the story are you asking me right now? Goes like this. I was at the pharmacy looking for a night cream because the one I have been using is coming to an end. In other words, I had to replenish my night cream (Olay Total Effects Night Cream) and at the pharmacy, oh-boy, I couldn't be happier there was a beauty promoter who recommended and suggested this collagen essence cream from Bio-Bounce Bird’s Nest range (Bio Essence Gold Platinum Dual Eye Essence & Bio Essence Bio Water Jelly Make Up Remover). Sounded convincing and I didn't mind paying RM64.06. However, when I returned home, I was rather confused because I specifically mentioned I want a night cream. Don't know what when wrong where and after like the first 5 minutes, I myself concluded that most probably BIO-ESSENCE Bio-Bounce Collagen Essence Cream is actually a dual cream. Meaning, you can use it during the day and at night as well. The best logical reasoning I suppose? Whatever, I went ahead and its been almost a month now since BIO-ESSENCE Bio-Bounce Collagen Essence Cream has been touching my skin as a night cream. 

My beauty say on BIO-ESSENCE Bio-Bounce Collagen Essence Cream? Honestly, to a certain extent, favorable on my skin. Not for repairing but for maintaining by locking in moisture and hydration (La Mer Moisturizing Cream). Sipping in skin almost instantly once I apply and without causing any adverse effects like breaking me up or causing tingling sensation, BIO-ESSENCE, Bio-Bounce Bird’s Nest Collagen Essence Cream basically is just a moisturizer. Moreover, I won't even consider it as a night cream because my skin can't really get enough of its really mild formula. I seem to be applying more and more and the result is nothing nor profound. from this creamy, velvety and light beige in color cream. Seriously beauties, cream didn't provide rich nourishment, neither did its formula further enhanced with the addition of collagen rich essence capsules for replenishing skin with ample collagen kept my skin bouncy. What else must I say (Missha Snail Essential Moisturizer)? Am I glorifying it? Perhaps its a betterment as a day cream. Even so, without any bit of sun defense? God, I am lost for words. At least a tiny percent, maybe 20% of support for ensuring sun does not leave behind dark spots and pigmentation on our skin? You tell me. 
Packaging-wise, I must say its an admirable beauty. Considered as a hardy, sturdy packaging, until maybe you drop it? Yet, 50g of collagen essence cream in this classy, attractive jar I believe is money worthiness and though I won't dispute that bird's nest is one of the ingredients, I still can't help questioning its benefits which I really didn't notice on my skin. Am I disappointed I bought BIO-ESSENCE Bio-Bounce Collagen Essence Cream? Sort of actually. As a night cream, like I have already told you, it just served one purpose for moisturizing and as a day cream, maybe we should award a pass. Oh, before I forget, I am not fond of its rather strong perfumey smell. Maybe because I am not at all a perfume woman? Me and perfume? We never got along. Never.  
What do you think? You think I should consider buying BIO-ESSENCE Bio-Bounce Collagen Essence Cream again? Logically, not for my 54 year old skin which is beginning to show fine lines on my forehead and I have decided I am going to go head and get a night cream after all. How about you? You think BIO-ESSENCE Bio-Bounce Collagen Essence Cream will be a beauty fit for your skin and age?  

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