Monday, June 4, 2018

Willy Satay - Ramal Food Junction (Kajang)

This far to Kajang? Tell me about it. Whoever who is saying it’s easy to care for our aged parents should be butt hard spanked. Boneless tongue without a doubt is a silly tongue because I am not agreeing with any of those heroic characters for all the matter. Honestly, I despise people who easily preach without even knowing what it is like. Stop. Stop advising me unless you are caring or you have cared for your elderly parents. Please do not argue with me. I know what I am talking about nor am I lying. Trust me, its definitely always on your toe and crisis calling always caring. Sometimes, in fact maybe even most of the time, our aged parents can drive us up all the walls until I am not sure where else is there space for me to climb. My mum? She has mentally developed this habit of falling down for no apparent reason. Maybe really a fall or attention seeking constantly falling, but confirmed she broke her arm. For the third time, she was back in Serdang Hospital. What about me, are you asking? Oh yes. As you are expecting, as a faithful, obedient, prodigal and money handing daughter, I have been going up and down, back and forth, to and fro from the hospital for love showering, as well as for pacifying and calming her always forever tear drops filled eyes. On this particular day, tear drops poured thunderously until mind you, I really couldn't squeeze time for lunch. And you are trying to tell me about children to parents parenting skills?     

Finally, oh-good-god, by the time I left the hospital, I was literally food dying. But strange, no other food but badly yearning for Kajang Satay. Don't ask me why and why not, food imagination ran wild for Kajang Satay. Satay please. Yes please and in no particular random order, we spotted Willy Satay. Akin a smokey bandit smoke flying and satay smel waffling in the air, Willy Satay, the first stall in Ramal Food Junction was already packed to its rim with forever and anytime we can eat Malaysians. 
Self-service in the long queue, we were gamed for lamb satay. Can’t be beef satay or perut satay for us Indians right? Chicken satay obviously was the only choice. 20 sticks paid for (RM18.00) and drinks ordered from the other stall, we sat before being served by the next 10 minutes.  
Juicy, thick, tender, easily ripped falling apart from the sticks, charred on the outside and profoundly lemongrass scented, satay dipped into the not-overly sweet and spicy kacang sauce/kuah kacang, paired alongside some cucumber slices and onion, I tell you, made our tummy happy. No two ways about it. Willy Satay indeed met our food happiness. Nothing no could be faulted despite me trying to figure out. But twenty sticks for the two of us? Albeit I am not someone like to waste my hard earned money, we left behind 5 sticks.

Willy Satay being one of the eateries summed up as the famed  “Kajang Satay”, honestly is worth the try. By the way, for your information, I have never ever in my entire 54 years tucked into satay in Kajang. Maybe, that's why, just saying, Willy Satay is a satay winner for me? You think so or you know so? Location? For my sake, use Waze please.

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