Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Mentholatum Lip Crayon LipBalm

Oh-My-Pout! My forever faithful “oh-ye” 54 year old pout of mine. My pout, one of the central features on my fifties skin I trust is not beauty ruined yet. Nevertheless, if you look really close, you will notice that like the rest of the part of my body, my pout has and will most probably continue to age with me (Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm). Darkness, meaning pigmentation has already trended and wrinkled dryness I suppose is also unavoidable due to our stressful daily grind life and style, loss of collagen and decreasing ozone layer. I bet right now you are agreeing with me there are reasons beyond our control why it is beauty challenging keeping our pout luscious, attractive, kissable and as baby lush as how it used to back then (Lakme 9 to 5 Mousse Lip & Cheek Color & Artdeco Long Lasting Lip Gloss). Infinitely. Whatever said and whatever the reasons may be, still, no matter what, we must never ever neglect our pout. Nooo. Of course not. 

Please for my sake, please don't stop showering tender, loving care on your pout because at the end of it all, we can and will still emerge as beauty pot winner in our own ways by investing in affordable lippies. Albeit nothing nor none should stop you from believing the beauty cracks who are seriously encouraging you on pout home remedies. Nevertheless, for your information in case you don't know,  these are the same cracks who are sorting pout enhancements in beauty centers. Oh, before I forget,  must I mention beauty apps conning job? I on the other hand prefer to remain true to myself by introducing to you this store bought Mentholatum Lip Crayon LipBalm (04). A favourable beauty enchanting my pout, honestly and sincerely, which caught with me in Guardian Pharmacy.    

Mentholatum Lip Crayon LipB
Perfect lip crayon to define, enhance and beautify your look for all occasions
Comes in a range of gorgeous pink shades to enhance your natural lip color.
Ultra-moisturizing lip balm enriched with Argan Oil & Meadowfoam Seed Oil to hydrate, nourish and protect for soft & smooth lips.
Glides onto lips effortlessly for a truly beautiful, sheer, soft color.
Obviously, as you have already noted and as said by the brand, Mentholatum Lip Crayon LipBalm is a crayon packaging. Silver cover atop the bullet, “twist me up and twist me down” retractable bottom mechanism and a two-in-one balm for hydrating and nourishing, plus color shading your pout. My go-apply it whenever I leave home, primarily for free and easy casual outings, Mentholatum Lip Crayon LipBalm without a doubt does deliver what it promises.
Gliding super effortlessly, its cooling minty effects I care none least about and it seals in the much appreciated nourishment my pout screams for all the time. However, like every other essentials oils formulated lip balm, Mentholatum Lip Crayon LipBalm will vanish, just like that from your pout within the next, most to most two hours even if you don't eat or drink. Moreover, its colour lust won't be as prominent as you would have expected.
In fact, Mentholatum Lip Crayon LipBalm will not totally conceal your badly pigmented as my pout even if you force it towards color building up further. Unless maybe, just guessing, no assurance by the way, you can try by getting the one shade darker than this one. Having said that, conclusively, I vouch Mentholatum Lip Crayon LipBalm is worthy its glossiness, smoothness and pout attractiveness. Believe me. You won't regret spending your dollars and cents on this beauty pout balm (RM15.92). 

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