Thursday, April 5, 2018

Restoran Seafood Li Ming - Kota Kemuning, Selangor

How aptly. Each time there’s a family lovingly, supposedly, coming together celebration, Kota Kemuning seemingly is the prime location. I am not complaining. Not at all. Sincerely, I am without a doubt really fine. No reason for getting worked up because Kota Kemuning is our almost 15 years territory. Looks like I have let the cat out of the bag as well, catch it if you can, we don't have worry about driving far out and somehow or rather, its also our call which eatery it should be. Maybe due to I am known as an adventurous foodie, just guessing, not absolute, or its a matter of convenience to the rest. Whichever, I really am unsure, for this another "in laws must be put as priority", whether you like it or not, the moment you settle down, I could think of none except Restaurant Li Ming. Listed as one of the food pridefulness of Kota Kemuning, yet to be known, but what became prior frustrating is calling them at the hand-phone for two days in a row. God! Wonder why no one bothered to pick up, until I knew I am wasting my time. I gave up. Subsequently, I popped by in person for booking a table for 12 adults and 3 kiddos, at the same time, I prior ordered the dishes and paid an upfront of RM200.00.  

Walking in on this particular Sunday at about 1.00pm, two tables most to most were occupied, but notably other tables were already reserved. A no frill, unassuming ambiance, outwardly clean and another food concept to eat and please leave, we were attended to immediately and dishes came cruising one after the other.  

Chilli Chicken
Claypot dry style, bite sizes of chicken cooked alongside onion, dried chilies, soy sauce and curry leaves, Chilli Chicken received a good praise for our Indian palates.  
Long Beans Omelet
For putting the kiddos in place and for curbing them from terror-merror fussing, long beans omelet obviously greeted their hunger in a splendid manner. In fact, we had to call for another round of this akin valuable for the adults too dish.
Squid/Sotong Fried
Batter coated crispy sotong, likewise, tell me about it, is a must for kid’s pleasure. Thank god, I already knew I must include Squid/Sotong Fried. Otherwise, trust me, someone would have still insisted on ordering. As if its a ritual dish each time family dine together. Squid/Sotong Fried, whether from this restaurant or elsewhere, believe me, is forever appreciated.  
Vegetarian Tofu
Soft wobbly tofu and various types of veggies in a thick piping hot gravy, Vegetarian Tofu was a food stealer amongst the kids. I did sample a tiny bit though and I must say its subtle customary Chinese tastes were not a food ruiner.
Salted Fish Beansprout
Crunchy beansprouts with bitsy of salted fish did a good bit of justice. Before I knew, Salted Fish Beansprout was polished off to every bit.    
Mixed Vegetable
An assortment of not so colorful and vibrant vegetables, I personally felt that veggies were overcooked, over soggy and lifeless, nonetheless, mixed vegetable disappeared at a fast speed. 
Nyonya Steamed Fish.
Indeed, won us over. Big bold, profound spicy and tangy sumptuousness of Nyonya Steamed Fish rocked and moved us. Positive comments flew by, no dispute whatsoever on its role play of mouth popping flavours.   
TeoChew Style Steamed Fish
Oh-no! Something really didn’t click. Either the angrily staring fish was not fresh, or maybe the rest of the ingredients, I couldn't really figure out what when wrong where, TeoChew Style Steamed Fish was a massive downer.  Basically, tasteless. 
All in all, we tucked into a decent meal. Mind you, decent only. Nothing no more. What started off promising eventually didn't make a lasting impact. Goodness gracious me! Tiny black bugs on one of the plates of rice and sotong fried. I of course didn’t keep quiet. I made sure I pointed and informed them. Sadly though, there was no action reaction. Duh! Will I return to Restaurant Li Ming after this lunch we paid RM414.35 (inclusive of two pots of Jasmine tea and two fruit juices)? You tell me. Should I? 

Restoran Seafood Li Ming
23, 13, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla M 31/M
Kota Kemuning
Tel: 012-3987167
(Same row as Restaurant Poh Yap & across Pappa Rich)

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  1. The food looks very inviting and esp. the fish!

  2. Everything looks delicious! I wanna try them all! xoxo

  3. This place sounds like an average place food wise and decor wise as well as per ur review.. I don't mind abt the ambience bt the food shud be tasty and of good quality

  4. Rm414...feels kind of pricey even if it got 2 fish dishes. Even if the fish cost rm50 each and the sotong and chicken rm50..that comes up to rm200 only. Plus the vege n tofu ..the most rm300.