Friday, April 13, 2018

Penang Sightseeing Guide - (Rainbow SkyWalk & Armenian Street)

Oh-My-Penang! Penang, as far as I know, has never been a boring place even from those days. Penang in tandem with its water forefront I sincerely reckon is one of the captivating factors for not only Westerners, I bet you will bump into them, primarily in Batu Ferringhi, even I as a Malaysian can't stop awing at Penang as my sea paradise.

Ferry crossing from mainland or driving through Penang Bridge by itself is an opener to Penang ushering me in a splendid manner. That’s why maybe, each and every time I return to Penang, I keep falling high over heels in love with "The Pearl Of The Orient" (Penang Thaipusam & Penang Part 3). Worst come to worst, forget about everything else, staying put in a room facing Penang Sea is already a stress reliever for me, but, do bear in mind traffic madness and parking may drive you up the wall. Especially during public holidays, weekends, school holidays or even daily office hours. Unless of course, you won't mind walking many miles, or as I have already said, get yourself into a water front room and do nothing except laze by the beach.  

Penang Food Guide, absolutely, no matter what is a must. Additionally, much more is abuzz now on the front of Penang sightseeing. Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang Hill/Bukit Bendera and Snake Temple are definitely the ever classic, ancient attractions. True. I am not denying. I agree. I still look up at the huge Kuan Yin statue in Kek Lok Si Temple whenever I am within the same vicinity, as if I can't get enough. Penang Hill on the other hand must be regarded as the forever nature evergreen, hopefully, keeping my fingers crossed, but sadly though, I wonder where the snakes in Snake Temple have disappeared to. They obviously, over the years have already bolted. Maybe because, just saying, they fear two legged humans like us who are more poisonous than them, until they have time out permanently? What? Did I say anything wrong or I just spilled the beans? Anyway, aside to who is the worst snake, I somehow feel we humans are the worst kind, Penang sightseeing today is all together a different game changer. Leveled to many levels higher, trust me when I say you will need at least 3 to 4 days or even more for Penang discovery. In fact, I myself am yet to conquer the totality 100%. This time around, it began favorably in The Wembley, and for the next two days or so, I went in full force for further trip venturing Penang. 

Rainbow SkyWalk At The Top (Komtar)
Stop comparing. Can you for once? I know how we Malaysians just love to compare. But please, do not by any chance compare Rainbow SkyWalk At The Top (Komtar) to the ones in other countries. China of course is leading, I had my share in Japan as well (Osaka Japan). Yet, as a true and true, born and bred Malaysian, my high respect goes to SkyWalk and coming with it Observatory Deck.

Rather pricey for an average Malaysian like me lemme tell you, nevertheless, its all worthy every ringgit. Entrance ticket purchased and professionalism is the courtesy to being ushered to Level 65 by the dressed in black staff. Thereafter, the ball is at your feet. You are your own free and easy guide. Apart from the observatory deck, there is a mini inside glass walk. To tell you the truth, fear ate and jittery took charge of me. I suppose it does happen. For me at least. But within the next few seconds, I stood still, I sat and I literally surrendered to Penang world under me. I also wouldn't stop with picturing until I realise I am being selfish to those waiting in line. Those photographers crowding close to you, I guess you have to ignore. Unless you want it or finding out later you have to pay for the photos.  

Once you are fully satisfied at Level 65, go get Level 68. Slip your feet into the like shower cap plastic, will be handed over to you, I guess as safety measure or for protection, subsequently, of course, do your catwalk on the half a circle glass suspended sky walk. Did I press my panic button? No. I was fine. I actually walked up and down twice, while at and thereafter, the whole of Penang helicopter view popped up right in front of me. Amazing. Marvelous. Believe me. Mark my word. Level 68 is also where you can rest over a drink or some snacks, its not a must anyway. I hanged around for the next 10 minutes, prior to sentimentally bidding bye-bye to Rainbow SkyWalk At The Top (Komtar).

Armenian Street (Georgetown)
A narrow stretch, from one end to the other, both sides lined with shops and eateries, come prepared to Armenian Street by shading under your umbrella, scarf or hat and lotsa sunblock. Damn hot! There is no right and wrong formula in Armenian Street. What you do in Armenian Street basically is up to you. Shop, eat or drink, and it will be nice if you picture capture yourself at the famed Penang Mural.

Thank your lucky stars if there's no queue. Otherwise, patience is definitely the virtue for sweat dripping waiting. Believe me, its the other side, the ugly side to Instagram popularity and the inconsiderate behaviour can make you puke. Some people just can't get enough of picturing, neither they care less about others. Then again, don't you think its the same story to picturing in other parts of the world as well? So, I better shut my big fat mouth. That's about it in Armenian Street. Nothing no more.

Skipping Armenian Street actually is not a big major lost. Skip if you feel you don't wanna do the walking for no apparent reason. Of course, the mural and other wall paintings and drawings are indeed a pleasing pleasure for saluting arts and talent, no doubt, instead of facing plain walls, frankly speaking, Armenian Street, highly promoted as a must do, I did it because I was curious. Well, in all fairness you might as well consider Armenian Street because, like I always say, nothing ventured, nothing gain as part and parcel of our travelling gram.  
Stay tuned. 


  1. OMG, the rainbow walk is thrilling! I wanna try! xoxo

  2. The view is really beautiful from the top.

  3. This place is really nice and all the pics turned out well.. A worth visiting place fr anybody

  4. Rainbow heart would probably stop beating if I were standing that high and looking down.. love the street art. Have a wonderful weekend, Nava.

  5. What a cool place with stunning views have fun.

  6. This place looks really so nice..As always a very well written review:)

  7. Hah!hah! i would prefer staying at ground level

  8. I have bookmarked this post, so helpful!! The view is amazing, would love to visit Penang someday :)

  9. That is very brave of you. I do not have the guts to do that. Each time go Penang felt like go sight seeing but end up makan trip


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