Sunday, April 29, 2018

Mama Kim Sauna Mee - Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam

Been around. Mama Kim Sauna Mee has been around for as long as I can remember. Even before I stepped foot, I am now of course kinda one of the permanent fixtures in Kota Kemuning. Known as Ben's Cafe during the initial years, thereafter, sorry guys, let me blame it on my half a century age, hopefully it is a valid reason, I can't recall what other names followed by, in tandem to perhaps new management as well. Yet, I am absolutely sure within the vicinity of Kota Kemuning industrial area, signboard noticeable from the main road and within the same compound of Herbaline. Same facade, as how it used to be back then, perhaps some touch-ups here and there, nothing no prominent though and menu retained to its originality for featuring "health is wealth" dining experience. However, unlike those years when you were served by mostly foreign workers, it is now "Muhibbah" staff. One up for Mama Kim Sauna Mee, according to yours truly, and if I am not mistaken, Sauna Mee has taken a central leap as the food item and a tiny cup of Hot Lemongrass is no longer on the house complimentary. Hot Lemongrass on the other hand is now menu listed. Meaning, you have to pay, of course portion is bigger. Trust me, Hot Lemongrass is worth every sip. My all time fav. Refreshing and soothing for almost instantly waking up every inch and pound of your food senses. You won't regret. I can assure you. Darn good in this still as ever popular eatery which draws dozens of dozens of mainly Chinese customers. Maybe, every now and then, you will bump into an Indian like me.   
Dining during peak hours, let alone at the earliest weekend hours and rude customers who will try their level best in jumping the queue, if not all, some, must I mention their hyper mania restless kiddos, you gotto be prepared. Obviously, unavoidable in Mama Kim Sauna Mee. We, the two of us were almost pushed aside on this Sunday at about 11.30am. Thankfully, the staff who didn't prejudice us based on our skin color made it a point in ushering us first to the empty table. Otherwise, you tell me how should I have reacted? Menu popped by and? We were lost. Temptation ran high for ordering more than our stomach can handle, indeed, eventually, our confused state of minds settled down, prior to writing the items on the order sheet and handing to the staff.  

Hot Lemongrass daintily and demurely sipped into, subsequently, within the next five minutes, Sauna Mee Fish arrived. Noodles, veggies, chunks of corn and fish pieces in a hot stone wok/kuali and broth from the kettle poured atop. Eaten by dipping into the thundering and bolt of spiciness spicy dip/sambal, Sauna Mee Fish, simply said, was a wonder food winner. I loved it. So did my friend. Similarly, Pumpkin Fried Rice was a justifiable dish. Subtle hints of pumpkin, grainy rice, nice bitsy crunchy veggies, teamed alongside a salad and chillies in soy sauce. I however, will still stand on my ground for Sauna Mee Fish. I will. Without a doubt. 

Lotus Crystal Pea Dessert and Black Sesame Dessert too were the movers and shakers to a sweet delight. Lotus Crystal Pea Dessert consisting of a big piece of pear, longan and red dates, was utmost favourable for both of us, whereas thick and smooth Black Sesame Sweet Delight, between a bitter sweet aftertaste did not go down well with my friend. I had no qualms. I literally make sure I spooned every drop of it into my wide mouth. 

Mama Kim Sauna Mee, all in all, is where our food hearts melted. Healthy diviners, attentive customer service, conducive clean dining area and parking, either you battle for it within the fenced area or why not to the ample parking outside.    

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  1. Like the atmosphere and the menu looks amazing.

  2. Sauna interesting! The rice looks quite delicious.

  3. Hmmm... what an unique name. Sauna Mee?

    It's good to read that the service is up to expectation.

  4. Love the delicious video, babe!