Monday, March 12, 2018

Restaurant Double Joy - SS3, Petaling Jaya

Located across the narrow tight road, careful when you drive pass, and along the same row as Shiraz Wine Shop, I know the wine shop at the back of my hands, shhhh, don’t tell anyone I am the every now and then Indian drunkard, Restaurant Double Joy is another one of those no frill and basic in ambiance Chinese eateries (Siong Huat Bak Kut Teh Pork Klang). Abuzzed when we walked in during this lunch hour at about 1.40pm, oh-my, what a buzz. Glad we sat at the far end instead of occupying the tables close to the Chinese customers. These customers, believe me, were really loud, as though they are the "Terra Cotta Warriors". I could even hear them slurping, they must have been slurping a Chinese soup and not rasam/Indian pepper soup, and the banging of forks and spoons had to get to my ears as well from where I was seated. Nevermind, I guess we should ignore such a scenario when Chinese customers are letting go of their hunger, but in any case, whatever it may be, if you dining with your Indian friends in such a restaurant, do not for my sake speak in Tamil. As it is, when we walked in, stares came from all directions, as if we were the disguised legendary Indian robbers (Restoran Heong Kee Batu Caves). 

Duh! What else is new for us Indians these days, tell me please? Trust me, Chinese language may be the in language in Chinese restaurants, but we Indians shouldn't even consider uttering a single Tamil word because you can matters worst. Unless you are thick skin to words like “Keling-Yan” or “Hak Gwai/Black Ghost”. Nothing new neither shocking for me. I have experienced it all. Why go so far. Try speaking Tamil in front of your Chinese friends, they will in return sarcastically smile, some won't think twice in mimicking you. Welcome to the real Malaysia everyone where racial polarization still exists. Say all you want, we Malaysians have not change. Sad isn’t it? I know. Jobs only for the Chinese, the Malays of course I reckon are save and sound in their government jobs, whereas we Indians ourselves won't even dare hire our own kind. So, why am I harping about the Chinese regardless of the fact that they spit all over the place? I might as well close the racist you, racist me chapter, but remember, we will be facing the election soon? Think about it Malaysians, while I take you further through on this food venture chapter of mine in Restaurant Double Joy (Restaurant Lucky Loke SS3 & Luck Kee Seafood). 

Outwardly clean and air-conditioned dining area, but believe me, leaving the sliding door open didn't do much justice to our Malaysian hot weather and don’t ask me about the toilets. I don’t know. I usually avoid peeing in such restaurants. Unless its a matter of crisis. We sat, menu featuring ample choices of dishes popped up soonest and we got down to ordering. I of course as usual had to be the food hero, still, we mutually agreed to call for Spinach Stir Fried, Kam Heong Chicken, Pork Salted Fish and nothing can beat a pot of Jasmine Tea for a Chinese meal. 
Less than 10 minutes, we were served. Spinach Stir Fried, honestly, I had already visualised a dry style, this soggy and wet version caught me by surprise. Nevertheless, Spinach Stir Fried was genuinely appreciated. A humble and simple dish which you can nibble by itself, or eaten with rice. Simplicity in its simplest form,  indeed an appetizing dish and you can never go wrong with tucking into such a simplified manner of style of cooking veggie dish in literally most Chinese restaurants.  
Kam Heong Chicken and Salted Fish Pork on the hand must be hailed for their revelation of our forever loved Malaysian spicy, salty and profound sumptuousness. Kam Cheong Chicken consisting of bite size pieces of chicken, cooked with curry leaves, bird eye chillies, onion, garlic and soy sauce, similarly, Salted Fish Pork elevated more or less alongside the same ingredients, except maybe for the salted fish, pork, dried chillies and garnishes of coriander leaves and spring onion. These two dishes were absolutely a double joy on our tastebuds. Yum. No two ways about it. Sincerely packing a punch until nothing was left behind. 

Conclusively I must say that Restaurant Double Joy is a winner in its own category. Food cooked by pouring aplenty Chinese love, efficient customer service and  trust me you, a meal in Restaurant Double Joy won't bore a hole in your pocket.  

Restaurant Double Joy
27, Jalan SS3/37

Taman University
Petaling Jaya
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  1. The chicken looks really good, dear! xoxo

  2. Food looks pretty good. I want to try that flavourful bite sized chicken dish!

  3. Simple and tasty food is always a double joy!

  4. Going by your review it seems like a must visit place.. The chicken is something I would have loved to try..

  5. This restaurant seems pretty clean and nice :) It seems you had enjoyed the food and their service. Nice read :)

  6. I so love it when you go out to a restaurant and tell us all about it.. Keep enjoying girl..


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