Saturday, March 17, 2018

Dr CHECK Cracked Heel Cream

Dr Check. Another doctor from Taiwan. I'll tell you later whether Dr Check Cracked Heel Cream was a major breakthrough for my feet, for the time being, I must knowledge thirst you. Maybe you already know, still, how can I keep my big mouth shut (Dr.WU Whitening Mask). You know me right? Lemme start in Taiwan, and then of course how can I not speak about Malaysia? Try throwing the smallest stone towards Taiwan, I bet it will be crushed stepped by multiple doctors at one go. Medical and PhD doctors as well. Malaysia is no better. Arguably and notably, the best doctors are those who carry bus loads or monorail train years of experiences. But seriously guys, those doctors I had to see when I fell sick for three months without having any clue what's wrong with me nearly ran me over the bus or monorail. As it is, I was imagining Satan is waiting to usher me to hell, until so close I was in writing down all my passwords, including my online banking for my other half-half, these doctors, mind you, almost made it possible. Each had his or her version why my health is not at its best.

One referred me to the psychiatrist because I told him I can't sleep. The other insisted I do a full medical check-up. Fine. Another medical checkup with the same doctor within 3 months again? All cleared again. The next doctor predicted I may have been bitten by, wish it was a new love bug, but no. Supposedly its aedes mosquito which has sucked up my blood. What's left of it. Nonsense! Brutality at the expense of my money. So much for doctors. In the end, I figured it out for myself. The return of Nava K’s menopause after almost 10 years (Menopause My Blood Story). Sure enough. I was not wrong. I am now on the road to body, mind and soul recovery. Why then did I go ahead and buy this cracked heel cream presumably by a doctor? Well, the truth is I have not given up on doctors or maybe its also my strong perceptions doctors must be good at their know how technical expertise.I admit the word Dr was the primarily reason why I bought, or could be I was curious as well in finding out if a Taiwanese doctor can be trusted for reducing and preventing the occurrence of my dry skin and massive rough cracks on my feet (Rosken Skin Repair Feet & Heel Cream).  
Packaged in a tiny cute adorable plastic tube, nothing fancy, nothing frilly, just another ordinary packaging, Dr Check Cracked Heel Cream potentially must be applied after showering or bathing (DUIT Foot & Heel Cream & Ellgy Plus Cracked Heel Cream). Basically for better absorption. To use, nothing complicated mind you. Press the cream out of the tube, more or less, use your discretion on how much you need. I reckon it will be better to release a tiny bit first of this white in color and rather oily cream before applying and then maybe, if you feel your feet is still screaming for attention, press it out again for reapplying. Dr CHECK Cracked Heel Cream without a doubt is an oily cream. Therefore, once you have generously applied, pay attention particularly to your dryness and cracks, you must stay put for at least an hour instead of dragging it all over your house. Be careful and do not take any chance please. I almost slipped and fell in my bathroom.   

Additionally, if you are as fidgety as Nava K, you are like me, you can't stay put, I suggest you wear a slipper. Better save than sorry. Otherwise, I beg to differ. Absorbing easily and quickly without both of us wrestling each other, did Dr Check Cracked Heel Cream do any justice for my ugly feet? Not really. Two months and there's no more cream in the tube, maybe I did notice a slight improvement, but overall I am not convinced. Despite diligently applying daily, by the next morning after showering, my feet is rough and tough again. The ugly truth. Sadly. Wish I had the liberty to applying again during the day, well, the practically of my busyness does not allow. You can of course suggest I wear socks before going to bed. Oh please, cut the crab. Do you know how hot is my bedroom even when its raining heavily? 
What else should I say? Dr Check Cracked Heel Cream is definitely cheaper (RM18.90), should be for such a small packaging, yet, I am bidding it good bye forever. Nice knowing you Dr Check. I don't think we can be friends.   


  1. I use foot cream all the time..this one sounds pretty awesome with reasonable price. Have a great weekend, Nava.

  2. p.s it's Spring here, but it's still I can definitely apply a couple of times and wear the socks going to bed :-))

  3. My feet are the most neglected part of the body.. This cream sounds good and would work for me as well.. I wud prefer using it before bed for effective results

  4. Wonderful review as always Nava.. They market the products so much..wish they spent more time and energy in developing a good product:(

  5. Sad, it didn't work for you!! Try our boroline for cracked heels and after applying it wear socks before hitting the bed. There are other products too which are good for dry heels but I recommended the one which is widely available :) If it's not available in Malaysia, then try Nivea cream for dry skin as foot cream.Hope this helps :)


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