Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Wembley - A St Giles Hotel in Penang (George Town)

Family. Generally, they are bundle of happiness. Maybe yes? Maybe no? I better not say anything more. Otherwise, as it is, I have already been branded as the negative person because I speak and write the truth, anything said any further, may trigger blogging sphere anger or social media anger. Then again, knowing myself well and wanting to remain as the person I am, I must still go ahead and say that you can fool the fools, the biggest fools, undoubtedly are your social media friends, Nava K definitely is not a fool. She, having been enlightened to her fifties age zone, she carries suitcases of family experiences. So please, can you please stop with trying to impress her by throwing flowery words on your family? Look, I am not questioning any of you. I agree, I must, I admit family is colourful, family is fun and family is ultra-sound-ultra-important. Yet you must, for a second or two, right now, I said now, ponder over how far further or close at arm distance family will be if you are penniless. Scary right? I know. Mum and dad most probably, even they are a question mark, still, I believe they won’t disown you. As long as you close your ears to their nagging, you can be assured of a roof and some food. But siblings? Keep dreaming. Dream on. Lucky you if your siblings won’t mind helping when money is a matter of crisis.     

The truth hurts right, and it hurts crazily right? Indeed. Sorry guys. My apologies if I have stirred up your family sentiment. Not my intention though, I may be wrong as well. I shouldn't assume every family is the same. Whatever I've said, whether it’s a deal or no-deal behind the scene for all of us, at the end of the day, we, my other half-half and I, sometimes we are selfish ourselves, I admit I am the evil half of him, we still stand by our family members. His and mine. As complicated as they are. Of course money undeniably can buy family, nevertheless, standing by family members is also about being there for them. In sickness and in health, in happiness and in sadness and in putting up with the bunch of characters. This trip of ours to Penang (Penang Pearl Of The Orient), I think I have already given you the clue? Yesssss, for hitting the family nail. A day in Penang would have been potentially picture Instagram good, but because our own marriage nail is getting rusty too, sort of, we agreed over lubricating it with KY Jelly (tadaa) for 4 days 3 nights. Of course, my man, my workaholic life partner must throw in his Penang work in progress? Fine with me. After all, I don’t need his legs and hands for going about doing what I fancy?  

Additionally, me being the better half in the sense that I am the adventurous traveler compared to him, I had no intention whatsoever for returning to the same hotel again (Flamingo Hotel & E & O Penang). Instead, The Wembley which gripped my attention tight during Penang Thaipusam I thought will be a game changer. Wembley direct booking (minus buffet breakfast) went through without much hiccups, for you, if you are madly in love with the Trivago woman, go get her to do your booking. Wembley on their part were not only super efficient in confirming our room, they immediately drained my credit card. What? Pay ahead policy? I honestly thought I will be charged upon checking in. Then again? Well, social media is always there for me. I bet many of you would have given me your undivided support like you did over the Milo case? Make sure I don’t catch you drinking Milo now and forever. Okay?   

Room booking cleared, next was online flight booking. As easy as ABC or XYZ, but tell me about the whole thing on flight delay? A norm these days, why and why not flight is delayed, are we one of the contributing facts and figures? We are late, we go missing because we are concern about carrying explosions, we, slip of the mind is not the fault of ours for waiting at the wrong gate and some passengers do get the trill of their names being called for boarding. Shocking Malaysia, shocking China and shockers from all walks of life. For a fact, we waited for almost an hour plus, prior to flying in air, subsequently to The Wembley which was busy like a bee hive due to the same function we will be attending next day. Yet, high distinction must be awarded for their customer service. Efficient, attentive and I am a sucker for service with a smile. Give and take, by the next 15 minutes, we were already in our smoking room. No, no, room does not smoke. It’s the occupants who are allowed to smoke their guts away and for your information, Wembley is by far one of the few hotels in Penang where smoking is allowed. By any chance, do not try your luck elsewhere. Just in case you do not know, lemme tell you that Georgetown is a smoke free zone or smoke only at the designated spots.  
How did our room go with us? We couldn’t be happier. Honestly. No complains what so ever (Casa Del Rio Melaka). Cosy, clean, spic and span ambiance, in addition to great bounce, edge support and comfortable mattress. Room maybe slightly small, but there's definitely ample space for you to walk about. But if you purpose of a room is for playing hide and seek, or police and you are the real thief, I suggest you book a secluded mansion. You may consider some of the haunted mansions in Penang?  

Toiletries in the bathroom obviously are for, do I have to say? Sure, go ahead, take the whole of it back home, but for my sake, leave the flying as high as scud missile wifi alone and do not try your tricks with the comforter and curtains. Thank you.  

Our room facing Penang sea, I tell you. Wow! Truly mesmerizing. The Wembley, located a the heart of Georgetown is a matter of convenience for you to walk to
Komtar where you can take the feeder bus for your sightseeing around Penang island. You might as well also consider The Wembley if you want to experience Penang Thaipusam (Penang Thaipusam - My Religious Journey) right in front of your eyes. Stand in front of Wembley and Penang Thaipusam is yours. Penang Thaipusam by the way is a must do (Thaipusam Batu Caves). Do it if you have not. Do it and you will know what I mean. All in all, The Wembley didn't let us down. Wish I had explored their roof top bar and what else is in store, unfortunately I didn't  because when its Penang, Penang eats and Penang sightseeing shouldn't be discounted.  

To be continued………


  1. I got pretty dizzy just looking at that hotel room wall paper and carpet...LOL
    That Penang sea view looks amazing!

  2. Looks like a nice & comfy hotel, dear! xoxo

  3. Family is always a mystery! Some are blessed with good folks! This hotel looks pleasant and neat with a lovely view!

  4. The hotel and its decor is really nice, also the location .. talk about being a person who talks on the face it is me as well so Hi5.. i like to speak my mind no matter what and get hated many a times bt its ok in my opinion as the truth is the truth

  5. What an amazing view this hotel offers!! Beautiful place indeed :) Hope you had a great time there!

  6. What a view!! I would so love to see the place.


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