Monday, February 19, 2018

Restaurant D' Maduras - Batu Caves, Selangor

God and me?  Me and god? I reckon we are best of friends in our own ways. We sincerely have come a long way. From the time I was literally forced by my mum to pray. As young as, if I am not mistaken, actually I can’t even recall at what age, yet, one thing is absolutely certain. If I didn't pray, nor help mum in cleaning the altar, mum will get really angry and trust me, you wouldn't like mum when she's angry. Speak about Indian mothers those days? Scary oh-boy or oh-girl! Not to say the current generation of mums are not tyrants, these dollings, trendy, modern and social media Indian mums however undoubtedly are a different category all together. Mothers who will ensure daughters obtain highest education, never mind, who cares if you cheat during exams by writing the answers on your legs or hands, or go to extent of hiding the answers in the toilet. Additionally, if at all you settle down, its okay as well if you fancy frilly change boyfriends like changing clothes, but when its comes to settling down, you must marry the richest man on earth. Doesn’t really matter whether you are marrying a pimp, a drug pusher, a conman or a casanova. All that can be hidden as long as he is "Money Sunny Subramaniam" and he must give you a grand social media wedding. Grandest for positioning you and your family highest above par level compared to other Indians.  

Mothers my time on the other hand were only interested in knocking heads hard, besides broom stick, slipper and rubber hose lashing, for getting their daughters to pray. Let alone learning to cook is the other ulterior motive for impressing your future in-laws. Phew! The number of head knocks I had. Goodness gracious. Countless. No wonder I can’t think out of my box. Having said that, in all fairness, I must thank mum for putting sense into me god is important. I can’t thank her more. Maybe, that’s why, no matter what, I still look up to god. The daily lighting of altar and saying a small prayer are the prerequisites for me, moreover, maybe its age as well, as we grow older, I have become more god centeredRemember my small time "Vel, Vel, Vetri Vel Muruga? That’s right everyone Thaipusam Batu Caves 2018. Whats next after seeing Lord Murugan? What else except foodie delight. Yes, yeap, food for this 53 year old, who sadly, don’t have breakfast. Obviously then, she is hungry as a wolf, dog, cow or dragon zodiac me. Restaurant D' Maduras by the way was not a stumbled upon chance. Instead, its the brain child food spotting of my brainy other half-half. Having dined in Restaurant D' Maduras before with his clients, he kept vouching food in Restaurant D' Maduras is a joy. I, to tell you the truth, I doubted him. Then again, when Indian food is a concern, I must trust this “Man From Uncle” Indian husband of mine who, do or die, can't survive without Indian food.
All hyped hoopla and bustling busy, Restaurant D' Maduras literally packed to its rim, we grabbed the only one empty table outside before agreeing to quench our thirst while awaiting for the mostly Indians customers to clear the inside dining area. Yellow obviously was the color. All the way from Thaipusam. Yellow indeed the color for fulfilling Thaipusam vows. But this Nava K wore red. What do you think? You think I would have offended Lord Murugan? Think. After being seated, we aimlessly wave for ordering our drinks. Bru Coffee, somehow in Indian restaurants must be recognised as a love coffee portion. This one in Restaurant D' Maduras was sincerely appreciated. So were the Ice Coffee and Ice Tea. So close to almost a perfect blend, without being overly sweet.    

We then, within the next 10 minutes or so, the moment customers slowly started leaving, we adjourned inside. Uncluttered, spacious, enough room for you to walk up and down, food displayed right at the far end and solid tables and chairs which has yet cracked fallen apart due to the heavy duty Indians, I actually was quite impressed with the inside dining area.   
We ordered, we waited, less than 10 minutes, food arrived. Vegetarian Thai Set consisting of Indian rice, vegetarian sides, sambar, rasam and kesari/Indian dessert, received praises from my other half-half and our lady friend. They loved it. Attractively and neatly presented, each and every element of vegetarian thali set were hailed as tasty.   
Whereas the three of us who opted for the same two types of veggies and sambar, tucked alongside mutton curry, chicken parathal and fried fish, what can I possibly say? Mutton curry by far was a let down.  
No doubt, mutton undeniably cooked to its right soft texture, runny curry on the contrary didn't pull or push mutton curry together. Bottom line, tasteless. Sadly. Similarly, as vibrant and as appealing Chicken Parathal looked, I am presuming, I may be wrong, I thought its bright red hue could be due to red coloring, Chicken Parathal automatically crossed out as well. Honestly, got us wondering. Nothing great. No spiciness, no aroma and literally, just so ordinary, whereas fried to its almost death penalty fried fish? Why waste my words? Basically, another gonna and downer.   

Nevertheless, RM65.00, inclusive of the drinks plus the two juices we sipping into while dining, I reckon is reasonable. Maybe, I am assuming again, albeit assumption is not my middle name, Restaurant D' Maduras located within most to most 10 minutes drive from Batu Caves, and notably being the only Indian restaurant within this whole area, obviously is a crowd puller. I have spilled it all. You decide. 
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  1. The restaurant does serve some really delicious dishes. Thanks for sharing, Nava.

  2. When we visited Batu Caves,we didn't have lunch there otherwise we would've gone to this restaurant and tried its veg thali :) Loved the post!
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  3. Hahaha totally relatable about the perfect Indian girl for marriage its such an old customary thing to be this and that for being the perfect bride... The food at this place was quite average from what I read bt price point is reasonable

  4. Either it has to be amazing or it has to be reasonable.. Either of this and it becomes a crowd puller..