Friday, February 23, 2018

Lakme 9 to 5 Mousse Lip & Cheek Color

The one and only brand I knew back then for kick starting my makeup trail. Lakme! Remember, can you recall my previous pitching on Lakme Enrich Satin Lip Color? So, I have already spilled all of it right? I did. What else should I tell you then? How about I walk you back to 37 years ago when I was a semi-ripe untouched virgin? Are you going like, oh-no, not another flash back Tamil movies kinda? Sorry guys! I can’t help it. I am an Indian in case you have figured out. The typical authentic yet liberal and trendy in my thoughts Indian (Restaurant D' Maduras Batu Caves). My Indian blood is so strongly embossed in my body, mind and soul until no matter what, it must forever trend closely like my backstabbing Indian best friends. But I strongly vouch it’s not going be another killing, chopping, raping or gun shooting Tamil movie scene. Infinitely, not a blood shedding Indian beauty story, yet one which caused mummy dearest to hit our Brickfields 100 quarters house roof (Copper Modern Brickfields), till the whole thing almost collapsed on my head. She couldn’t accept the fact that her rolly-polly daughter was cunningly and slyly using makeup behind her back. Don’t ask me how she knew. She knew, consequently, she ignited the fire to our massive, ugly and non-memorable makeup relationship. All hell literally broke loose.

No, no, I am not blaming her. I shouldn’t, albeit I reckon it’s the influence of Indian actresses who must cry, howl and scream loudly in those days black and white Tamil movies. Furthermore, all she knew is a bar of bathing soup for her face, of course red dot on her forehead is a marriage customary Indian woman must. Red dot is already gone ever since dad passed away and I am not even sure if she is washing her face now. I really don’t know because she is only interested in threatening me, over and over again she is going die soon. Been on-going for the last two years and more. Oh please. Stop telling me I should throw my undivided sympathize one her. Funerals are not cheap, mind you. She must at least give me time to save before I say rest in peace mum. The reality to money (Siong Huat Bak Kut Teh). That said, nothing would have been possibly worst for both of us when I started experimenting makeup back then. Mum on one side throwing temper, I, on the other rebelling for my rights to makeup and my voice is no better. Eventually, mum gave up on me when she slowly started noticing I am using an Indian brand (Banjara's Kasturi Face Pack). Lakme. Indian sentiment again (Mozer's Subang Parade). Thankfully, otherwise I can't imagine. 

My Indian sentiment too bounced back almost automatically during this "walk the walk" in Guardian while I was heading to the counter to pay for Botaneco Garden Body Lotion. Bang! Oh-My-Me-Lakme! Right I front me was Lakme shelf, subsequently Lakme help and advise me please came from the two Lakme lady-boys SAs. Darling dollings. Hail Elton John and Ellen DeGeneres for LGBT equality. Seriously guys, unlike the snobbish different skin colour SAs I have been encountering, these SAs were darling gems. Hopefully, I am sincerely hoping Lakme will hire more of such SAs. They wouldn’t stop showing and explaining the products, one after the other without sulking. Finally, after testing three shades from Lakme 9 to 5 Mousse Lip & Cheek Color, who said you can't test on your lips, go fly kites if you think your lips will droop right to the floor, mine is still bee stung, I bought two at one go. Coffee Lite and Cocoa Soft. 
Lakme 9to5 Mousse Lip & Cheek Color
Lakmé’s first ever lip color in a mousse texture is super weightless and can be used as a cheek tint too. Available in 10 intense and vibrant shades, they last long and have a powdery matte finish. It’s 2 in 2 formula makes it an instant everyday favourite for the modern Indian woman of today.

Step 1: Open the cap.
Step 2: Start applying from the centre of your upper lip.
Step 3: Work from the centre towards the outer edges of your lip, following the contours of your mouth.
Step 4: Glide across the entire bottom lip. 
Step 5: To apply it on your cheeks, gently rub it onto the apples.
Lemme right now stress that there are no hard and soft rules on applying Lakme Color, packaged in a plastic twistable tube. A decent packaging, maybe attractive but not a beauty stealer. To use, you can worship the ground of Lakme by following exactly step by step as they have said. I on the other hand, because I am not a lip liner person, nor will I be, I start by lining Lakme Color on my lower lips first (Artdeco Lip Brilliance & Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick). From one corner to other. Next, must be upper lips right? Smart you. Thereafter, just one full swipe for filling my whole lips. Done. Of course you can build up the color further.  
 (Coffee Lite)
Light, velvety soft and mousse like texture, but heavy, in the sense that these two shades genuinely conceals my badly pigmented lips. Giving me a lovely matte finish by gliding super effortlessly, I bet you will damn love its vanilla buttercream smell, Lakme Color is also a beauty convenience in your handbag. Just in case you have packed it in your luggage prior to flying beyond boundaries, I hope you will start calm in air instead of screaming like a demonic child. After all, you don't need Lakme Color for the next 5 to 6 solid hours or until you have a meal.

Great color pay off, moist on the applicator and taking only a few minutes before drying out completely, trust me, Lakme which does not accentuate my lines is almost perfection. It does flake though. The drier your lips, the faster fade and feather. Conclusively Lakme 9 to 5 Lip & Cheek Color is a Hindustani Indian beauty me, but the whole thing on adding cheeky you, cheeky me rosy or natural glow on cheeks is not for my crazily driving me up the wall sweaty face (Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain). The moment of truth now. Whether Lakme 9 to 5 Lip & Cheek Color is RM44.00 Instagram worthy or Facebook worthy, well, I guess the big or small ball of yours is at your feet.   


  1. This is a pretty shade and you are looking gorgeous

  2. Love the shade is neutral perfect for everyday look.

  3. Love the shade is perfect for everyday look.

  4. I am not a Lakme fan bcoz they ridiculously price their products r there r many inexpensive options like Miss Claire which i prefer.. Having said this range is really good and popular here.IT works best for lips than cheeks.. May try a shade or two someday.. The color looks great on u and I believe u shud try other shades as well..

  5. Nice! I nee cheek color. I'm so pale now.

  6. Love those colours, dear! Very natural. xoxo

  7. Love the color...and you looks so pretty:) wonderful review as always

  8. Love the shade, I will try to find it here.

  9. I like subtle makeup. this fits the bill i guess.