Monday, January 15, 2018

Watsons Blood Orange Shower Gel

Body beautiful! Work that body of yours please. All of you please. Male and female please. Wanna know why? Because keeping fit is undeniably is the major attraction on social media. And ladies, can you for once stop lying to yourself that you don’t envy or wish for a slim fit body, and you men, I think you might as well stop pretending that you don’t body lust body beautiful women, or even men (ahem!). Having said that, in any case or all your body pillow cases, the reality bullet to body beautiful is not as simple as we perceive or yearn for. We Malaysians, tell me about it, we just so love food. Food is all we think of all the time, even funerals these days are a food galore (Restoran Meng Kee Old Klang Road). Food indeed is the biggest temptation. I admit I can be a piggy pig. I love eating. So, I can pretty much understand why keeping our weight is not as simple as we preach? Unless of course for those who eat, as well as work the body of theirs.  

But please, lets accept one reality. Loving ourselves begins with accepting who we are and also whatever shape and size we are. Otherwise, we can never be in control of our beauty emotions. If you are still at struggling with keeping your weight, or you are working on it or you are on the verge of doing something about it, remember that there is such a thing as skin pleasantness. Can be done. Caring for your skin can be done. Trust Nava K. Pleasant skin is about keeping your skin clean and clear, simultaneously, distancing dryness and flakiness (Mr Bean Coffee Scrub). So, don't you think we should put a stop to finding excuses for ignoring our skin?  

I am now going to, let’s not waste any more time on grandma Nava K’s long winded mind twisting, body beautiful story, she, I tell you, she can talk till the cows come home, I shall now introduce to you WATSONS Naturals Blood Orange Body Shower Gel. Alright, alright. I hear you. I know there’s hell of a lot choices these days for shower gels/body washes. At the end of the day, of course it depends on which you can afford and which is your preference. I shall still go ahead by introducing WATSONS Naturals Blood Orange Body Shower Gel which I picked up before heading to Vintry Jaya 33 and Makhan By Kitchen Mafia. Perhaps later, once you are done with hearing me out, you can decide if this shower gel is worthy?   

WATSONS Naturals Blood Orange Body Shower Gel
Product Descriptions
Naturals by Watsons Blood Orange Bath & Body range combines the antioxidant and skin brightening effects of Italian Blood Orange Oil and Kakadu Plum Extract, for youthful, more luminous skin. This shower gel purifies the skin, thanks to a mild formula that releases a delicate foam.

Product Features
Free from Paraben, Mineral Oil, Silicones, Colourants, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Soap, Isothiazolinone (MIT, CMIT, BIT)

Product Usages
Apply an appropriate amount of NBW Blood Orange Shower Gel onto your palm or a sponge. Gently massage all over your body. Rinse off thoroughly with water. For optimal results, use it in conjunction with the rest of NBW Blood Orange Bath & Body Care range on a daily basis.
WATSONS Naturals Blood Orange Body Shower Gel is Watsons house brand. Yes, house brand (Botaneco Garden Be Forest Body Wash). I thought I might as well tell you in case you have not figured it out. Does this gel smell anything close to blood orange? I really don't know how Italian blood orange should smell, all I get is a very-very mild faint citrusy scent. That too, only if I sniff, maybe, I said maybe, the scent does linger once I lather it with water, prior to washing my body and I hope you don't try to be hero by dropping this plastic slender bottle for testing if its sturdy. Drop it and you will be the best person to tell me what's next. Colorless and of a rather thick consistency, gel obviously is dispensed out of the pump, pump is working fine till this day and two pumps should be substantially enough for your whole body. I however pump three times because I fancy more foam for giving me the feel good factor, as though I am showering in an imaginative, enchanting and spellbinding beauty world.

Leaving me fresh, clean and rejuvenated, WATSONS Naturals Blood Orange Body Shower Gel thankfully does not suck vacuum what’s left of my moisture. But it does not in any way tap in nor quench hydration into my skin. As far as I know also, it does not brighten my skin. So, what youthful and luminous skin are we talking about? Sincerely, I have no clue and after using it twice a day for the last two months, I think its about time I decide whether I want replenish another bottle or get a gel from another brand (Himalaya Cream Honey Body Wash). 

Basically, Watsons Blood Orange Shower Gel is a decent body friendly gel which does a good job for washing you and I reckon its worth paying (RM20.90, 490ml)? What else should I say? Maybe, compared to the commercial soaps and body washes, Watsons Blood Orange Shower Gel is the va-va-vroom environment, nature  and akin an organic, appreciated body and skin beautiful showers of blessings? 


  1. It look great shower gel.

  2. I will want that gel. You looking amazing rocking on the motor 🏍 bike.

  3. I like natural products...these seem quite good.

  4. Loved ur pic on the bike.. Keeping fit yes but not to impress anyone is my mantra also accepting myself the way I am..
    The shower gel is very unique by its name and seems like a body wash I would want to try fr sure!!

  5. That is nice. And yeah we should take care of our health. Not for people to gawk at our pics on social media. But for our own good.

  6. Hey loved your bike pic!! Looking awesome..


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