Monday, January 22, 2018

Ten Years - Sunway Pyramid

What brought me back to Sunway Pyramid? None other than for Faber Castell color pencils. Now, now, I know what's going through your mind. I know you must be thinking I must be out of my freaking mind for coming this far just for the sake of buying Faber Castell? Before you open your mouth, think, please take a look at the selection of Faber Castell's colors at their counter in Pyramid and then we can debate, discuss or you can even go ahead by proving me wrong. Mission accomplished, mission of buying color pencils was for my neighbour's housekeeper who will be returning to Philippines permanently in the next few days. For her kids actually. Yeap. We have bonded for the last two years, we became good friends and I really wanted to return her good deeds for taking care of my plants when I am away. 

Having said that, honestly, let me tell you that I really regretted walking the mall on this Sunday. Oh god! Malaysians claim economy is down, but they have all the money in the world for shopping? Of course too, all the eateries must be packed. Worst than sardines in cans, madness, until I almost collapsed out of hunger while walking up and down, between the thousands and between the long queues in front of the ATM counters, trying to look for a least crowded eatery. Finally, I settled for Ten Years which by far had some empty seats to accommodate me. Trust me, at this juncture, I didn't care too hooks whether its Ten Years (Ten Years Evolve Concept Mall) or 53 years Nava K, because all I wanted was food badly. Anyway, I think I have already covered much of the eateries in Sunway Pyramid (Penang Road, NY Steak Shack, Thai Thai & Bubba Gump), quickly securing a table in this colourful, bright, vibrant and attractive ambiance before I am pushed and shoved aside by ugly Malaysian, service popped up at once. Service with a broad smile, prior to me quickly flipping the menu and deciding upon the Grilled Lamb Set.

Oh-hack no. No, I don't think I could have waited for 15 minutes. I really couldn't. Thus, I at once changed  my mind by opting for Curry Laksa and Ice Kacang. Indeed, definitely a fast brain cracker, within the next 5 minutes, I was served. Consisting of yellow noodles, prawns, fish balls, fish cake and chicken, soaking wet (ahem) in coconut milk infused curry, Curry Laksa in a huge bowl I could fit my face and head, shouldn't be doubted. Delicious. Loved it to its every bitsy. And when eaten alongside the spicy sambal which I had to call for, I really couldn't get it why they didn't serve, Curry Laksa was a winner for my hunger throne. 

Next, I slurped into the Cendol. Quite a delight actually. Shaved ice towered like a tiny rocket, almost reaching to my hair which I had earlier colored to cover “My Fifties Shades of White”. Generously drenched atop with coconut milk and Gula Melaka/palm sugar syrup, and green pandan worms, red beans and corn calmly seated inside, Cendol is worth raving. It did though beg for another doze of sweetness, or maybe because ice had diluted its sweetness, in all fairness, Cendol was not a let down. 
Overall, Ten Years must be hailed as the pride for our Malaysian true calling dishes. Nonetheless, I think RM27.30 (Ice Kacang @6.90 & Curry Laksa @19.90) can't be regarded as a cheap meal. Not for this poorest woman Nava K. Cheaper of course at coffee shops or hawker stalls. Then again? 
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  1. Gosh, you're tempting me with your bowl of curry laksa! xoxo

  2. Hahaha.. why only Malaysians Indians are the same.. all of them will complain no money bt will have lavish parties, weddings and buy designer stuff fr themselves ... The Laksa and the desert wud be something I would love to try, looks yummy

  3. Good place good food!

  4. Hubby loves this yummy dish <3 I would love to try that Ice Kacang though!! Loved reading the post :)

  5. I enjoy reading your food reviews.. The Cendol looks very interesting.

  6. I miss Malaysian food after seeing all the photos


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