Friday, January 5, 2018

La Belle Saison - French Cuisine (Kota Kemuning)

A year back, approximately, give in and take, we food ventured to La Belle Saison. La Belle Saison at that time was still at its milk bottle infant stage, and learning curve, no doubt was taking place, but not at a major quantum leap. That’s why, most probably, as per say according to our strong palates, there were some flaws in the dishes we tucked into. Obviously I definitely didn’t want to keep my big mouth shut, though this man of mine kept sounding me to keep quiet. Like I cared anyway, I know I can be bold and blunt, yes, I know myself better than any of you, I still went ahead by putting my thoughts across. Of course, I started off by buttering chef on what we liked and then, I broke the news on what we didn’t fancy. Chef in return took it calmly. I think he even appreciated my honestly. He should. Don’t you think so? Most customers won’t bother speaking their mind. They just won’t return again. Some owners too are not receptive to feedback. They feel as though we are belittling their chef skills. I personally have encountered such chefs who think they are one class about the rest. Additionally, they can be quite arrogant and "Mighty Joe",  mind you. Wish I can shame them, then again, better not make enemies. As it is, I have been told, indirectly, to sugar coat my articles instead of being myself. Therefore, for the time being, I will mellow down. Only temporarily because my true characteristics, no matter what, can't be hidden within me. Pity my man. Should I? You think about it, okay?  

Anyway, this La Belle Saison chef really didn’t mind my feedback. In fact, I may not be wrong if I say that he is one of those non superficial and pretentious owners. These kind of down to earth owners, trust me, are definitely the critical success factors of the food industry. Potentially. Sometimes, or maybe even most of the time, it’s not all about fantastic food, but how we are treated as customers. Says it all, could be, why we keep returning to the same eateries over and over again? Warmth gestures are the humbleness for drawing customers. Especially when you as a owner want to set yourself apart from the rest by making a name in the long run? By all means. I reckon so.

Enough said I think on the survival kit of the food industry, La Belle Saison thereafter was completely forgotten. Not because we have stopped dining out. We were, especially me, I've been checking out other Kota Kemuning eats. Literally one in every corner. We are, genuinely spoilt for choices, until I can't decide which eatery should be next. Some eateries notably, akin touch and go, hit and run, couldn't survive, La Belle Saison on the other hand has grown strong for making its mark as the only French restaurant by giving their menu a face lift to include set lunch. Set lunch indeed is the valid reason why I popped by with my Indian friend who is French man lover, opps no, maybe yes, French food fancy frilly. 

Ambiance wise, there is no changes. Still a virgin white color scheme and chairs which won’t be a pain your butt. There is however a herbs section now. Right in front before the dining area. Go ahead. Feel free to buy. I’m sure chef will be happy. I, on the contrary, wasn’t keen. Why should I when I can pluck fresh local herbs from my tiny garden? Moreover, I can’t cook French food for nuts, neither am I interested in learning. Food in my house is typical Malaysian dishes. So, we keep Western Cuisine and French Cuisine in restaurants only.  

Back into the dining area after spending five minutes to screen the herbs, since we had already called for our meal, please do take a look at the attached set lunch menu, I am not going to make it easy by explaining it to you, we sipped into the Cucumber Juice. Woo-hoo! French Cucumber juice?
No, I can’t confirm whether it’s French made or not. Nonetheless, I can assure you it’s not the cucumber juice you make in your house. This one is special. Elevated with other ingredients as well for daintily punching waking you up. Nice and soothing. Sipping in, simultaneously we nibbled the bread. Must be French bread right? Can't be Indian bread in  French restaurant? 

Next, we tackled the Mushroom Soup and Salad. My-my! Unlike the bluffology con job canned mushroom soup, conning by the way takes place in high eat eateries too, this Mushroom Soup I strongly believe is made in La Belle Saison’s kitchen. I can vouch. Up notch delicious. Cute tiny croutons, herbs and a drizzle of olive oil atop thick, creamy and full of flavours Mushroom Soup.
Equally appetizing was the Potato Mango Salad. I particularly love its tangy sweet vinaigrette, tossed alongside soft digestible potato,mango, tomato, salad leaves and croutons. So lovable. 
Both of these dishes polished up till super clean. Caesar Chicken Wrap, not the Caesar in "Return Of The Planet Of The Apes" though, teamed alongside Mashed Potato and Potato Salad was a winner for my friend. Neatly tucked with chicken pieces, veggies and some sort of creamy dressing. Taste can't be faulted, but sorry peeps, I am not a wrap person. No way. Please don’ bring any wrap close to me. I will hate you. The accompanied Mashed Potato and Potato Salad I bet will always be loved by anyone? 
For me, the moment of truth was Oven Baked Chicken. Utterly fab. No smell, moist and super tender meat tucked beneath absolutely crispy skin. Yum! Plain tastes alright yet remarkable. I still can’t get over and done with it. Crispy Potato Skin and Garlic Mash were quite rocking as well. My friend couldn’t agree more.
We then realise that dessert is not included in set lunch. Why not? I’m sure a tiny serving of French sweetness can be thrown in? French cuisine without dessert is definitely not complete. Thus, we flipped the menu to call for Crepe Banana Chocolate. What can I say? Disappointingly pin drop silence. The only food loser amongst everything we had tucked into so far. Something didn’t go right. Bottom line, we didn’t like crepe with banana slices and chocolate. What a waste to our money.
Having said that, conclusively, set lunch in La Bella Saison is really worth it. And to those of you who keep harping that La Belle Saison is a hidden gem, for god sake, stop it. Sounds really corny. La Bella Saison is not hidden. Waze up and it will land in front of La Belle Saison where parking is friendly and if you bump into the owner, tell him Nava said hi.      
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  1. Great that you enjoyed the food :-) Have a wonderful weekend, Nava.

  2. I have never tried French food yet only heard or seen about it.. All the food shown is tempting indeed, yummy

  3. Great place and yummy food :)

  4. It's true. More than the food, it is the feeling of being valued that makes us want to go back to the place.