Sunday, January 28, 2018

Botaneco Garden Trio Oil Body Lotion (Whitening) 400ml

For all the sulking and literally regretting why I came over to Sunway Pyramid (Ten Years Sunway Pyramid), did I return home immediately? Honestly, so close I was, but guess where I ended? Can you guess? Nevermind if you can't. I'll just spill it out. The hidden beauty queen in me pushed and wrestled me into Guardian Pharmacy. I gave in. I simply couldn’t resist this akin beauty school or university beauty stores and pharmacies (Clinelle Caviar Gold Mask & Artdeco Lip Brillance). What you want me to do? Beauty product temptation is one of the worst enemies within me (Watsons Blood Orange Shower Gel). Even at my age of 52. Is it something I should be proud of? Of course. Why not? Sky is definitely not the limit for beauty, consequently, no matter whatever age we are, we should bang crash the glass ceiling for beauty conquering. 

Into Sunway Pyramid Guardian, I literally went gaga. Oh-My-Gee! Unlike Guardian Kota Kemuning, Guardian Sunway on the other hand offers a whole lot and a whole bundle of beauty products. Tell me then? How can I not go bonkers? One minute, this product into my basket, next minute that product, so on and so forth. Given a choice, I would have literally emptied the whole store. Eventually, being the practical Nava K (ahem), I settled for Botaneco Garden Trio Oil Body Lotion (Whitening). I thought I might as well have a stand-by lotion because my current one is gonna be squeezed out, sooner or later by tilting the bottle upside down for maximizing what’s left inside (Botaneco Garden Be Forest Body Wash). Nevertheless, one thing was absolutely certain what I didn't expect from Botaneco Garden Trio Oil Body Lotion (Whitening). Mind you, not for whitening me up. Oh-please. All these whitening beauty theories I think is a hoax. Unless, you can prove me wrong? Whitening by itself I think has been overly used for no apparent reason by the so called beauty industry brains. Most to most, whitening lotion can pretty much keep your skin clear, supple and hydrated (Body Shop Olive Shower GelHimalaya Honey Body Wash). That's about it. So please, stop flagging your hopes high you will be chunked as Snow White.   
Botaneco Garden Trio Oil Body Lotion (Whitening)
Dermatologically tested and proven. Formulated with 100% ECO-CERTIFIED oils. Babassu Oil from Latin America, Baobab Oil from Africa & Chufa Oil from France - Enriched with Vitamin B3 and Licorice extract for a soft, fairer and even skin tone. Together with Argan and Inca Inchi oils, Botaneco Garden Trio Oil Moisturising Body Lotion provides up to 5 moisturising ingredients. It helps to moisturise and nourish your skin. Infused with Licorice extract and Vitamin B3 to help protect skin from UV damage. It also aids to lighten skin tone while reducing appearance of dark spots, promoting beautifully even skin with noticeable radiance. It absorbs rapidly and is non-greasy. Formulation is free from parabens, silicone, colorant, lanolin & DEA.

Packaged in a no frill plastic slender bottle, bottle looks flimsy though, so please, for my sake, do not drop to test its strength. Drop it and I think you will end up scooping the lotion from the floor. Nevertheless, scent is really amazing. Love it. Truly. As though its a volcanic concoction from nature beauty fountain. Scent is so close to akin sweet bubble gum.  
How much of this lotion you should apply?  Potentially, one pump for both hands, one pump for both legs and one more pump for other parts of your body. But please. Do not apply down there down. If you really want to scent your "VJJ", I think there's other specific products. For me, because my skin is rather dry, I tend to apply more. Basically, I generously apply Botaneco Garden Trio Oil Body Lotion by massaging really deep into my skin (Body Shop Argan Oil Body Butter).   
Thick, creamy, non-sticky and non-greasy, Botaneco Garden Trio Oil Body Lotion sinks in almost instantly. Actually, to tell you the truth, initially, I was concern if it will leave behind a greasy film. No, it didn't and after the first week, my skin has sort of bounced back from being extremely dry. Honestly, it did distant dryness. Botaneco Garden Trio Oil Body Lotion is lasting as well. ¼ bottle still left after using it once a day, for the last one month. The question now is, whether Botaneco Garden Trio Oil Body Lotion is worthy? Undeniably. Worth paying RM15.92 and FacebookGoogle+, Youtube and Instaworthy sincerely worthy. Trust me, you won't regret believing me. Botaneco Garden Trio Oil Body Lotion is far out of a better beauty value compared to brand “N” lotion I have been faithful to. No, no, not “Nava”brand. Maybe who knows Nava K  will be a beauty brand in the future, I don't think I should mention that particular brand "N". Go, you figure out. Bye beauties. Take care. 
How about trending alongside "nava-k", possibly on every other social media please. Your support I bet will rocket my happiness. Thank you everyone. 


  1. Looks great!

  2. Why whitening oil? You are naturally and beautifully browned..why bother to use whitening oil? O your long legs!

  3. Never heard of it until till now will let me to try it.

  4. Wow, the last shot of you drinking up is totally cool, Nava! Chilling out with beer? xoxo

  5. This body lotion I would love to try as my feet are always dry... Talk abt buying more and more beauty products, can we stop? Hell NO!

  6. Love reading your reviews as always a informative post..

  7. My skin is crazy oily..Though my feet are very dry. thanks for the review ..

  8. Looks like a nice lotion, I like the packing too.


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