Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Artdeco Lip Brilliance - Long Lasting Lip Gloss

I made it. By hook or crook, on time. Actually before time for Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches Food Review. Tummy heartily tucked, on my way out of Mid Valley, I, trust me, literally wobbled the moment I passed by Sasa. Literally. My legs literally didn’t want to walk me any further. Still, I continued walking by ignoring my beauty magnet lust for Sasa until I couldn’t take it anymore. I told myself that if I don’t walk into Sasa, most probably my head will explode into two. Honestly everyone, I admit I have this utmost liking for all things beauty care and makeup nice. Maybe, not so much for coloring painting my face, but sure, I wouldn’t mind picking up masks and all that beauty favourable for my fifties skin. Because I want to, I can’t speak on behalf of others though,  I still want to look good for my age as long as I can. No easy feat. Trust me. Akin a beauty battle. Nonetheless, I guess if we want to maintain our looks, we must not, no, we shouldn’t give up.

Remember, appearance is not only about flaunting your branded stuffs. It is also about skin flaunting. Otherwise, why do you think we older women are losing out to the desperate bitchy young sweeties who care less about snatching our husbands? Our husbands we have stood by all these years in failures and falls until they become money stable? Should we battle for what is ours or let go? Even so, potentially, if we look good for our age, believe me, we can keep our options open too. There are men who appreciate older classy women. I know what I am talking about. It’s the unspoken reality of check and balance many older women harbor inside instead of admitting. It’s okay. Go ahead. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I’m all for gender equality.

Now, yes, I did walk into Sasa. Actually, to tell you the truth, I have been thinking, for the last two weeks, on getting a bright glossy gloss for my dry and pigmented pout. Obviously then, I had a valid reason to be in Sasa. Instead of aimlessly glimpsing at the types of lippies, I really didn’t want to waste my time, I told the sweet adorable pleasant doll specifically what I am looking for. Additionally, I was uprightly honest about my budget of only RM50.00. Don’t you think its better? Openly telling her on our budget instead of giving her hopes on higher commission? Of course. This darling knew her job at the back of her hands. She put me in front of Artdeco counter. Needless to say, I agreed with her. Lip Brilliance Strawberry Red 03 (Maybelline Velvet Matte Lipstick) is for me, though I had to top up another RM10.00 which I didn’t mind.
Lip Brilliance Long Lasting Lip Gloss
The Lip Brilliance Lip Gloss gently, lightly and smoothly covers the lips in long lasting brilliant shine. An active ingredient complex made of encapsulated collagen and hyaluronic acid supports the firmness and tightness of the lips skin and boosts the collagen synthesis. SPF 6 counteracts light induces skin aging. The lips appear more voluminous and shine seductively.

With a contour pen or the invisible Lip Contour no. 1 trace the lip contour and subsequently evenly apply the Lip Brilliance Lip Gloss with the applicator.
What’s with Artdeco Lip Brilliance and me so far?
Genuinely, its shattering stunning on my bee stun lips. I love it. I do. Lining and filling my pout, Lip Brilliance does camouflage my dark lips (Taiwan PSK Glitter Gloss), it neutralizes my tone by giving a truer pigment and its vividness (Lakme Enrich Satin Lip Color) is an appreciated color payoff for the next 2 or 3 hours. Applicator does a good job for picking this glossy shimmer and a single swipe is more than what I want. I like the fact that Lip Brilliance gets me ferociously alluring by enlivening my complexion, its moisture-rich, non-sticky and non-tacky formula packs ultra-hydration and its intense hue is akin match in heaven for my skin. Gliding smoothly without biting or itching, I actually prefer it does not stain me (Revlon Kissable Balm Stain).
However, you must be prepared for touching it up once you tuck into a meal and it does to a certain extent, take you for a ride outside your lip lines. Other than that, I can’t think of any anything else for bashing up Artdeco Lip Brilliance. I may consider, let’s see how, getting another shade from the same range. For the time being, I’m saluting Hitler because Hilter’s fighting power is conclusively loaded in Artdeco Lip Brilliance Long Lasting Lip Gloss (Laura Mercier Glace Lip Gloss & Maybelline Red Porcelain). Are you wondering what I am trying to say? Artdeco is a German brand beauty. You get it? Thank you. 

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  1. Wow, you look really good in that shade! Happy 2018, dear! Let’s dtsy young together. xoxo

  2. Perfect no-nonsense review! I like this color on you and I like your hair too!

  3. Lovely lip color this is the first Time I heard of this brand

  4. I just came back from vacation and yours is the first post i am reading.. Very entertainingly written! And of course nice review.. Thanks..

  5. This shade seems good!

  6. I liked this lip color wud love to try and it does look amazing on you!!!

  7. Beautiful shade looks good on you


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