Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Siong Huat Bak Kut Teh (Pelabuhan Klang) Selangor

How did Nava K end up in Port Klang? Nava K all the way to Port Klang? Intriguing story plot actually. I really can’t wait to tell you, sincerely, you may not even believe it. Nonetheless, instead of allowing Nava cat out of her own bag right now, right at this juncture, lemme keep it as a classified KGB or even FBI Indian file. At least till I spill all of it in the next sharing. I promise I will bare front and bare back all of it. Suspense by the way, I reckon, don't you agree is your mind and my mind boggling and wrecking? Undoubtedly, suspense indeed is a heart killer, I know, patience obviously is not a virtue anymore. Don't believe me? See how impatiently everyone is killing each other, even family members, all because of money suspense? Still, whatever said, my dear followers, I suggest you patiently await in suspender or suspense on what's with me in Port Klang (Khuntai Thai Banting, Coconut Flower Telok Gong & Bagan Hailam Klang)

Even so, I shouldn’t short change you on what transpired the moment we drove pass this ancient part of Port Klang while looking out for an eatery. I almost immediately noticed the prominent signboard of Siong Huat. Any fool for the matter will notice it, but if you are a bkt fanatic like me, trust me, you will literally twist and turn in bkt hunger. Imagine, waffling of bkt in the air? God! I almost rolled in the car. Moreover, I went like, what? Bkt for lunch? Yes please. 100% eye affirmed. Bkt and me? I tell you. We are like different race and religion twins. Henceforth, I didn’t hesitate in quickly asking my other half-half to pullover so that my two friends and I can get down. I did though, to tell you the truth, feel bad leaving my anti-pork other half-half in a lurch. What can I do? This typical Indian man can’t even take stand the smell of bkt (Ming Kee Bkt Old Town, Kepong Heng Bkt, Da De Bkt Subang Jaya & Chow Kiat Bkt Klang). 
Nonetheless, in all fairness of our donkey years marriage love, I did point out the further up Indian restaurant for his hunger. Thank god. Love job slyly completed, he went his way, whereas we walked into Restaurant Siong Huat's spacious, two lot, coffee shop ambiance. Coffee shop set up you should know is nothing grandest, neither Instagram picture perfect stylo-mylo. Plastic chairs and tables, cemented floor, fan spinning full or half swing, and toilet condition, I’m guessing, may not be favourable. Logically so, I must caution those of you status conscious city dolls not to behave as a diva by complaining how stuffy and hot it is or even debate on the cleanliness. If you are worried your makeup will melt or you feel you can’t show off your LV, Prada or latest Iphone because, mind you, no one will care too hoots, you better not “F” bother dine in Siong Huat which seemingly has been in the same spot for the last 30 years or so. 
But, if you are a bkt connoisseur like Nava K, no worries. The only thing we care about is testing bkt right? Sure. In fact, even ordering is petty straightforward and fuss free, albeit I can't recall if there's a menu. I think we also didn't bother asking, or maybe, sorry guys, blame it on my age memory lapse. Then again, tell me bkt lovers, how complicated can it get in ordering a bkt meal? Pay attention or ask the order taker, you will do fine. We did fine too. So quickly actually. We called for bkt with any or every piggy pig spare part will do, spinach garlic, jasmine tea and rice of course, is a must for Malaysians? Right. As we sat back and relax, while hoping jasmine tea will come cruising soon, our mind bell rang for indicating we have to do it ourselves. Grab a packet sashed amongst the other types of tea from the plastic container, pour hot water into the pot, tip tea leaves inside, prior to pouring brewed tea into the tea cups. Looks like there's no pampering in Siong Huat. 
Awaiting for the next less than 10 minutes, we were served. First thing first for me, as usual, when bkt is a concern, I am must spoon slurp the broth. Wow-pow-pow! My friends couldn’t agree more that its one of the super heroes. Non overpowering, I think simmered for a prolong period of hours, and without compromising on the quintessential Chinese herbs, mild yet tremendous profound broth must be applauded. Genuinely. Absolutely. Stop doubting me. I may be an Indian, but I know what I am talking about. 
Super yum broth, generously soaking drenching tender malleable meat pieces and pork spare parts. Of course fried Chinese curlers/fried crispy dog bone is customary, there's also something magical about simply stir fried veggies in such Chinese eateries (Luck Kee Paramount, Lucky Loke SS3Meng Kee Old Klang Road & Hua Xing Sungei Way). Akin a magical food charm forever, Spinach Garlic didn't let us down.

Despite I hardly had any space in my tummy, I still couldn’t resist calling for the soy curd. Unforgettable. Smooth, luxurious and melting crumbling the moment it touched my tongue. I knew it. I knew its the homemade, pure and I bet its organic soy curd. Heaven!

All in all, Siong Huat Bak Kut Teh is utterly a bkt diamond. Trust me, you won't regret. To believe, you have to try. 

Siong Huat Bak Kut Teh
Jalan Tengku Badar
Kawasan 13
Pelabuhan Klang
Tel: 019-2760363


  1. Now you have me crave bkt too! The soya curd looks pretty good too.

  2. Push pull and pull push for the hunger pangs in my deep under down recesses for this restaurant. Truly a gem of a restaurant I have been here myself and I do love to walk into its rustic old aged for 30 years ambiance. Believe you me that believes in the you for believing that your beliefs are believable but please tell us henceforth of the reason for your trip to the havocness of Klang.Patiently awaiting in my suspense suspenders for the suspenseful news in your newt journey for providing us the top best entertainment in the bloGOSphere.

  3. Always exciting to read abt ur travel adventures... Soy curd is something I wud love to try someday

  4. I still prefer the white type of BKT, the peppery type. Yum! Popping by to wish you a Merry X'mas & Happy 2018! xoxo

  5. Oh suspence! Lovely clicks and great review as alaways


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