Monday, December 11, 2017

Malgudi Classic Indian Cuisine - Lorong Universiti C) Petaling Jaya

I think, I may be wrong as well, still, I reckon that December is a month most of us take it easy. Please. Please. I am not saying we literally sit back and shake our legs, but potentially it’s a month for clearing our annual leave, a month we release stress by holidaying and let’s not forget that the last two weeks of December is about looking forward to Christmas and Happy New Year. In some regard or rather, don’t you agree? I sincerely believe so. Christmas by itself is not only a celebration for Christians throughout the world, many of us I perceive do look forward in jumping into the same back wagon of merry making. Merry making in Malaysia, tell me about it, as far as I know, can’t deviate very far out from our favorite past time of eating. Malaysians? Aha! Food is forever a pleasure for us Malaysians. Of course. 

To those of you who are still adamant in rolling the pots and pans in your kitchen, go ahead, I don't believe in stopping anyone, but seriously, wouldn’t it be nice surrendering it to someone else? In return, we as a family, or as a couple, or as a group of friends just rest back by tucking into a meal akin lovingly put together by Santa Claus or Santarina? Why not? Tell me. Are you now asking me where it should be? Malgudi. Remember Malgudi? What’s cooking for us in Malgudi during Christmas and till the first week of New Year? What else? Food. Glorious food. An Indian Christmas! Now, now, stop with whatever is popping in your mind right now. Stop jumping the gun. It’s not Christmas for the Indians only. It’s actually a splendid menu in tandem with their classic Indian cuisine.
By the way, for your infor, Malgudi is standing proud and tall as ever. Nevertheless, I did notice that upstairs dining area has been cozily enliven by a new lease of privacy. I particularly love the white soft flowing curtains and dimmed lights which adds a touch of class in the spacious rustic ambiance.
Coming back to Malgudi’s Indian Christmas menu, I started off by taking tiny sips of Santa Tangachi. Haha! Tangachi! Nava Tangachi (younger sister), oh-no, I should actually address myself as Nava Akka (elder sister) or Nava Auntie, Santa Tangachi presented in a slim champagne glass indeed put a broad smile on my face. Joyous spot-on Christmas colours. Refreshing natural burst of watermelon and mint leaves, additionally, that tinge of salt and spices, I tell you. All praises for this heaven tap licking wonder world. Santa Tangachi tasted like a non-alcoholic margarita for Nava Akka/sister. Seriously, it’s been quite a while since I have had such a cocktail.
Subsequently, I tucked into Kozhi/Chicken Kempu Bezule and Vaan Kozhi/Turkey Brriyani, accompanied by a portion of plain spicy curry and raita/yogurt salad. Super moist and tender bite size chicken pieces, stir fried alongside chillies, spices and curry leaves, Kozhi Kempu Bezule packed a punch on my tongue. Whereas, my first ever experience of devouring into Turkey Briyani proved that spices enhanced fluffy, grainy, soft biriyani rice and a sizable piece of juicy turkey is exquisite diviners.
Utterly a hearty portion, but considering that Nava K eats like a small bird, she was not shy in requesting for the balance to be packed back, which she ate for the next two meals.
Having said that, the sugar power prowless Shahi Tukra, fried bread drenched in milk, sugar and nuts, what shall I possibly say? Wasn't a let down no doubt, however because I am so low in sugar credentials, I found it to be overly sweet. 
Of course, for those of you who love such a sugar rush Indian dessert, I bet you will definitely disagree with me. Did I stop with Shahi Tukra? No. Trust me, when I was offered the other dessert of  Kulfi, I did put on a small time Indian drama by pretending to refuse. In actually fact, the moment I dived into this pure, luxurious and creamy Indian ice-cream, scattered with like garden plucked rose petals, wow! Kulfi for me is certainly a better sweet rush league compared to Shahi Tukra. Kulfi may not be part of their Indian Christmas menu, what the hack, get down to it if you really can’t hold yourself back.
So, all you food enthusiasts, with Christmas mood already lingering in the air, on behalf of Malgudi, of course from yours truly as well, advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Take care everyone.   

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  1. lovely menu for the year end celebration

  2. Release stress by holidaying :-)) my husband always says that he needs another holiday after the holiday. The X'mas tree looks so festively decorated.

  3. Gosh, you look so cheery in that bright top! xoxo

  4. Love the way you take us through a new foodie adventure every time. lovely.

  5. Holidaying in Christmas is fr the rich people.We common people - for us December is abt cleaning & cooking. OF course as a Christian we have our own share of fun bt we have to cook coz it is a family affair. I really wish to b on a holiday in future during December...
    This place is really nice and Malgudi reminds me of Malgudi Days i watched on TV.. The food is yumm and delish!!!

  6. Good food, I love the way they have presented it


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